Self-Care KitTens

Project Name: Self-Care KitTens

Artist Name: Lily Kay

Description of Project

"To establish a core of dedicated (and adorable) volunteers dedicated to improving the overall burn experience for as many people as possible, while helping them prepare better on their own for next time. Each volunteer will carry a pack loaded with important supplies in such a way that they are easy to dispense, but as un-moopy as possible; for example, a volunteer's water supply for dispensing is in a bladder, and those who need can accept it in their own cup or directly into their mouth (from a couple of inches up). In addition to physical necessities, volunteers will also be prepared at all times to provide hugs upon request. Self-care KitTens should be both recognizable and familiar, so they will just look like any other burners... turned into cats.

With our team of kit-Tens (deca... ten... see what we did there?) roaming the burn, our presence should be common but not counted on. We are not attempting to fly in the face of radical self-reliance, but rather show those who need help how to better prepare in the future; burners should feel *more* self-reliant after encountering a self-care kitten, not taken care of or pampered.

The greatest gift an individual can provide is the gift of relief. Everyone involved in this project will be focusing on radical gifting with the end goal of increasing a pervasive sense of self-reliance and capability within the larger burn community. "

Community Involvement

The project in and of itself is entirely community-driven. Our goal is to provide relief for wayward burners and to put smiles on people's faces. Our hope is to also show them how to better prepare for their next burn. Self-care is our biggest focus: physically, mentally, and emotionally. And we want to strive to both provide care and better prepare others to take care of themselves. All while looking like cute kitties.


Final Funding: $852.50


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