Sky Writings

Project Name: Sky Writings

Artist Name: Elegant (AKA Pamela Tomerlin)

Description of Project

"Prayer flags, hanging prayer ties, and spiritual pennants have a long history dating back to ancient Tibet, China, Persia, India, and Americas First Nations people. The meanings and styles are varied and specific to each culture. We don’t wish to appropriate these cultural traditions but instead will provide the means for Burners to share their intentions, thoughts, and wishes with the sky in honor of these visually beautiful customs.

A 6 foot ‘cloudbuster’ helium balloon (the type often seen at car dealerships) will be tethered to a weighted box atop a very sturdy table. The balloon cord will have knotted loops every 18” and will be threaded through a welded steel O-ring on top of the weighted box. A snap link larger than the O-ring will be attached to the first available loop to secure the cord.

Sky Writing flags will be made from lightweight cotton fabric in various colors with a tie string attached to one corner. Some of the flags will have a micro LED light tied in the same corner. Participants can use the provided Sharpie marker to write whatever they wish on the flag. They will then tie the flag onto the first available loop, move the snap link to the following loop and let the flag thread through the O-ring and into the air.

The balloon will lift a trail of colorful flags fluttering and dancing with the breeze. The thought of many is that the wind will spread the goodwill, gratitudes, and dreams on the Sky Writings. All will be able to witness the flags moving in the breeze and can share in the positive energy created. Flags will be included in the temple burning on Sunday morning (if permitted).

The table cover will be tie-dyed in bright colors and bordered in EL wire so that people will not run into it at night. A sandwich-board style sign will provide simple directions. "

Community Involvement

Burners can send their own writings into the sky…..intentions, thoughts, wishes, let them be blown by the wind to spread the good will, gratitudes, and dreams. All will be able to witness the the flags moving in the breeze and can share in the positive energy created.


Final Funding: $469.22


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