Smoke Bath Experience

Project Name: Smoke Bath Experience

Artist Name: Archer

Description of Project

"Smoke baths and similar customs trace their roots back to many cultures…Arabs in Sudan, the Himba tribe in north-western Namibia, First Nations people in the Americas, Nordic people of Finland. They all have common objectives: a ritual cleansing for the mind, body and soul.

At the Alchemy Smoke Bath Experience we will provide an opportunity for Burners to create their own variation of these ritualistic practices. A large tent with all sides covered (to capture the smoke) will be erected and decorated inside with Moroccan string lights and hand painted mural banners featuring elemental symbols. A doorway mural banner will convey the message “We must always walk a path that honors others' views and teachings without sacrificing their customs or our own.” The central focus inside will be a terracotta brazier used to generate smoke from sage, lavender, juniper and other herbs. Participants can use this environment to relax, rejuvenate, cleanse, and commune. Drinking water will be available as the smoke and warmth will quickly dehydrate participants. Shells will be provided for skin scraping, feathers offered for wafting the smoke, and various acoustic instruments available to use for rhythmic meditation and harmony.

A colorful sandwich-board style sign will provide information about the Smoke Bath Experience. "

Community Involvement

The Smoke Bath Experience will give burners the opportunity to cleanse their bodies, minds, and spirits. It will be available to all Alchemy burners at periodic times throughout the weekend. (Times TBA).


Final Funding: $1,130.28

Link to Budget:

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