Southtown Playatech Hospitality Lounge


Project Name: Southtown Playatech Hospitality Lounge

Artist Name: Safari Anna

Description of Project

Southtown Compound has been bringing you good company, easy hospitality, and great music since 2008! Many of you have enjoyed late night talks in our public lounge area with playatech and our giant fire pit, which was first brought to Alchemy 2013 and has made a re-appearance at every burn since! Our seating has been well used, but it is time we make more – splinters in butts are not fun :/ If you fund our Playatech project we will be bringing newer, rain sealed seating without butt shrapnel! This year we are looking to step it up and make this playatech more intergrated into our RGB light play camp theme for this year, inspired by the artist Carnovsky. These 4 long benches, two short benches and end tables will be primed white and markers will be provided for Alchemy participants to create their own works of art during the day and at night RGB lights will provide a transformation!


Community Involvement

This project acts in concert with the other art project that Southtown has submitted to the Art Fundraiser for fabric to create an RGB (Red Green Blue) experience in the Southtown public common space. In keeping with our theme of the exploration of light and RGB interplay, these public benches will be set next to the to that space. The benches will be white primed for paint pens so particpants can create their own RGB art during the day on the benches and return in the dark to see the transformation happen.


Requested Minimum:  $797.81

Requested Maximum: $893.73






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