The Spaceship Has Landed


Project Name: The Spaceship Has Landed

Artist Name: Alabama Steve

Description of Project


Our 3D fractal sculptures is art based on RGB (Red, Green, Blue) optical illusions which explores the interplay of light and shadow using shapes and 3 dimensional layers of red, green, and blue fabric that will be viewed through an ever-changing RGB light array. The project will play off of existing Carnovsky art prints already owned by Southown Compound to create an immersive and interactive experience under and around our shaded public common area. By day there will be different ways to explore shape, color, light, and space. At night our camp will be transformed by our the addition of our lighted color array. This will all accompany our upgraded projections mapping setup and will help offset the cost of the new computer and projector that is necessary to run the system, which has already been purchased by our camp.


Community Involvement

There are multiple people in our camp who are drawn to the way that light works within the color spectrum. This interest led us to discover Carnovsky and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) art. Our hope is that by showing the Alchemy community the various ways this dialogue between color and light can be used will create moments of reflections and opportunities for inspiration for future projects.


Requested Minimum:  $145.69

Requested Maximum: $1090.04





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