Spin the Wheel


Project Name: Spin the Wheel


Artist Name: Ernest Law

Description of Project

Can't decide on something at the burn? spin the wheel. Bored, Looking for something to do? spin the wheel. Did you bust a deal? spin the wheel. Maybe you don't have the mental capacity to make a decision at the moment ? That's ok... Just spin the wheel and let the PHC Wheel decide your fate! Spin the Wheel will be an interactive burn game. Made of a lazy Susan bearing, lots of ply wood and fun, this wheel can handle all of your burn needs. Come on by and give it a spin. This project will be a large 4ft diameter Prize wheel, that will look an awful lot like the wheel form "Mad Max Beyond Thunder-dome". However It will have a twist... Instead of having just horrible punishments on it, this wheel will have quite a few fun things to do, prizes, and of course "Pinkie's Choice"... I plan on including the Principals on the wheel as well, so that it will encourage burners to live them in the moment. PHC will have the wheel available at our various sundry event parties, like the ever famous "Drunk with power Hour"... as well as other, possibly random times.


Community Involvement

This project will give the community something new to do at Alchemy, a fun game to try out, and will also promote all of the principals, simply by playing the game.

Requested Minimum:  $220.80

Requested Maximum: $307.61

Budget: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ru_kqcSGVwoKaqjJc7B5FkO2QwGE-p5_...


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