2013 Survival Guide

  1. Important Stuff!
  2. The Basics
  3. The Ten Principles
  4. Before You Arrive
  5. Arriving At Alchemy
  6. Leaving No Trace
  7. Volunteering
  8. Rangers
  9. Sound
  10. Important Places
  11. Safety & Legal
  12. Important Policies
  13. Directions
  14. Map & Sound Zones

Important Stuff

Important Changes! 

This is info that is new or different from last year, or different from Euphoria or other burns.  Even if you are a veteran burner, read this!

  • One Warning - Alchemy is on a “one warning” policy.  The first time you violate the Safety Rules, or cause a problem for the Event, you will receive a warning.  The second time you will be asked to leave the event.
  • No Wish Lanterns / Sky Lanterns / Flying Paper Lanterns - not even if they are biodegradable.  They are a fire hazard and MOOP.
  • Weather - The average high for mid-October is 73, and average low is 49.  The record lows are below freezing.  Bring enough warm clothing and blankets to get you through a cold night.
  • Lost Tickets -  email tickets@alchemyburn.com.  Include your name, date of purchase, name of the person who paid (if different) and any other relevant info.
  • Theme Camps - Camps with amplified sound must register in advance.  All registered camps will be placed.  All sound camps are asked to reduce their volume by 10pm on Thursday night to keep the neighbors happy.
  • Kids - There will be a Tag and Release option to register your kids at Connexus.  It’s not required.  It just makes it easier to get lost kids back to their parents faster and easier.
  • Perimeter - We need 80 people working perimeter this year to burn the effigy.  If we don’t have a full perimeter, there’s no burn.  To join perimeter, sign up online and come to the meeting at 6pm on Saturday.
  • Parking - In an effort to cut down on cars improperly parked on site, the driver of any vehicle will be given a wristband instead of schwag. Once the vehicle is moved to the parking lot, the driver can trade their wristband for schwag at the Greeting Tent during their working hours.  Parking will be enforcing a one hour unloading window. 
  • Connexus - is where you go to register your kid, ask for directions, lost-and-found, maps, messages, etc. 
  • Tranquility base - will be available to provide safe space to burners who need it.
  • Leave No Trace in the Showers - The shower shack has become one of the most MOOPy places at the event.  Tons of soap, towels, razors, shampoo and more get left there.  Please make sure you take your stuff with you.
  • The Effigy closes at 2pm on Saturday.  Make sure to see it before then.

The Basics

To enter Alchemy, you will need your ticket and your PHOTO ID. Your ID can be anything with your picture, your legal name and your date of birth on it. Please print your ticket and bring it with you.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Children under the age of 12 do not need a ticket..

No pets are allowed except service dogs. If you intend to bring a service dog, you MUST pre-register by emailing ems@alchemyburn.com.  If you show up at the gate with an unregistered animal, we will send you home. If we find you in the event with an unregistered animal, you will be asked to leave.

About Your Ticket

If you want to transfer your invite to someone else, it is not necessary that their name be on the invite. All we look for is the number above the barcode on the invite. So long as whoever you give the invite to brings the print out to the gate, they are good. You do not need to notify us if you have transferred your invite.