2013 Survival Guide

  1. Important Stuff!
  2. The Basics
  3. The Ten Principles
  4. Before You Arrive
  5. Arriving At Alchemy
  6. Leaving No Trace
  7. Volunteering
  8. Rangers
  9. Sound
  10. Important Places
  11. Safety & Legal
  12. Important Policies
  13. Directions
  14. Map & Sound Zones

Important Stuff

Important Changes! 

This is info that is new or different from last year, or different from Euphoria or other burns.  Even if you are a veteran burner, read this!

  • One Warning - Alchemy is on a “one warning” policy.  The first time you violate the Safety Rules, or cause a problem for the Event, you will receive a warning.  The second time you will be asked to leave the event.
  • No Wish Lanterns / Sky Lanterns / Flying Paper Lanterns - not even if they are biodegradable.  They are a fire hazard and MOOP.
  • Weather - The average high for mid-October is 73, and average low is 49.  The record lows are below freezing.  Bring enough warm clothing and blankets to get you through a cold night.
  • Lost Tickets -  email tickets@alchemyburn.com.  Include your name, date of purchase, name of the person who paid (if different) and any other relevant info.
  • Theme Camps - Camps with amplified sound must register in advance.  All registered camps will be placed.  All sound camps are asked to reduce their volume by 10pm on Thursday night to keep the neighbors happy.
  • Kids - There will be a Tag and Release option to register your kids at Connexus.  It’s not required.  It just makes it easier to get lost kids back to their parents faster and easier.
  • Perimeter - We need 80 people working perimeter this year to burn the effigy.  If we don’t have a full perimeter, there’s no burn.  To join perimeter, sign up online and come to the meeting at 6pm on Saturday.
  • Parking - In an effort to cut down on cars improperly parked on site, the driver of any vehicle will be given a wristband instead of schwag. Once the vehicle is moved to the parking lot, the driver can trade their wristband for schwag at the Greeting Tent during their working hours.  Parking will be enforcing a one hour unloading window. 
  • Connexus - is where you go to register your kid, ask for directions, lost-and-found, maps, messages, etc. 
  • Tranquility base - will be available to provide safe space to burners who need it.
  • Leave No Trace in the Showers - The shower shack has become one of the most MOOPy places at the event.  Tons of soap, towels, razors, shampoo and more get left there.  Please make sure you take your stuff with you.
  • The Effigy closes at 2pm on Saturday.  Make sure to see it before then.

The Basics

To enter Alchemy, you will need your ticket and your PHOTO ID. Your ID can be anything with your picture, your legal name and your date of birth on it. Please print your ticket and bring it with you.

Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Children under the age of 12 do not need a ticket..

No pets are allowed except service dogs. If you intend to bring a service dog, you MUST pre-register by emailing ems@alchemyburn.com.  If you show up at the gate with an unregistered animal, we will send you home. If we find you in the event with an unregistered animal, you will be asked to leave.

About Your Ticket

If you want to transfer your invite to someone else, it is not necessary that their name be on the invite. All we look for is the number above the barcode on the invite. So long as whoever you give the invite to brings the print out to the gate, they are good. You do not need to notify us if you have transferred your invite.

The 10 Principles

The 10 principles here are those that guide our mother event, Burning Man , and are central to what is Alchemy. This is what it means to burn. Please respect the Principles and make them a part of everything you do at the event.


  1. Radical Inclusion - Everyone is welcome, all types, all kinds, friends, strangers, and in between.
  2. Gifting - Gifts are unconditional offerings, whether material, service oriented, or even less tangible. Gifting does not ask for a return or an exchange for something else.
  3. Decommodification - Hand in hand with gifting, burns are environments with no commercial transactions or advertising. Nothing is for sale - we participate rather than consume.
  4. Radical Self-reliance - You are responsible for you. Bring everything with you that you need. Burns are an opportunity for you to enjoy relying on yourself.
  5. Radical Self-expression - What are your gifts, talents, and joys? Only you can determine the form of your expression.
  6. Communal Effort - Cooperation and collaboration are cornerstones of the burn experience. We cooperate to build social networks, group spaces, and elaborate art, and we work together to support our creations.
  7. Civic Responsibility - Civic responsibility involves the agreements that provide for the public welfare and serve to keep society civil. Event organizers take responsibil- ity for communicating these agreements to participants and conducting events in accordance with applicable laws.
  8. Leaving No Trace - In an effort to respect the environments where we hold our burns, we commit to leaving no trace of our events after we leave. This means everything that you bring with you goes home with you. Everyone cleans up after themselves, and whenever possible, we leave our hosting places better than we found them.
  9. Participation - The radical participation ethic means you are the event. Everyone works; everyone plays. No one is a spectator or consumer.
  10. Immediacy - Experience things right now. Live for the moment, because that moment is fleeting, and you never get another chance.  

The 11th Principle

The 11th principle is the one we don’t specifically state.  It is the one we hope everyone already knows just because they are cool people.  The 11th principle is the one you get to make up.

Many people have suggested the 11th principle:

  • Don’t Panic.
  • Be Excellent to each other.
  • Don’t be a dick.
  • There’s no place like home.
  • Always wear sunscreen.
  • Just be cool.
  • Keep calm and carry on.
  • Get consent.

You decide what your 11th principle is.  Hopefully yours will make the burn better for yourself and those you meet. 

Before You Arrive 

What should I pack?

  • Your ticket!  - Getting to the gate and realizing you forgot your ticket at home sucks.  
  • Warm clothes! - We expect low temperatures at Alchemy, possibly reaching 40 degrees or lower at night.
  • Food & Water (sans un-needed packaging) – make sure you bring enough food to sustain yourself for a four-day camping experience
  • A Cup, plate, knife, fork and spoon - Disposables are bad.  Reusables are good!
  • TRASH BAGS! - Alchemy is a Leave No Trace event. Everything that comes in with you, must go out with you. Please pack all your trash and bring it home with you. We do not have a dumpster or trash pickup on site. Do not leave anything behind!
  • First Aid Kit – there will be a First Aid station at Alchemy; however, they should not be responsible for treating every scrape and bite that occurs on site. Please bring a basic first aid kit with you just in case you need it. Check the First Aid section for a suggested First Aid kit.   
  • Shelter/Bedding – no matter what sort of shelter you choose, be sure you and your belongings are protected from the elements. Remember: if you are camping in a tent, bring things to mark guy-wires and tent stakes so others don’t injure themselves around your campsite!
  • Light – Don’t be a darkwad! It gets very dark at night at the Farm. Light yourself up so others can see you. Please try to battery operated lights and glowies! Disposable glow sticks suck and are horrible for the environment.  A small LED flashlight is good for starters.  Headlamps are great.  EL wire is lightweight and comes in a bunch of colors.
  • Sunscreen - Burns are good.  Sunburns are bad.


Gate Procedure

When you arrive at Alchemy, you will follow the signs to the gate to get checked in. Upon your arrival at the gate, stay in your car and the gate staff will come to you with a ticket scanner. The gate staff will ask you for your physical printed invitation, and your ID. Your ID must be something with your picture, legal name, and birthdate on it. You will be asked to sign the waiver using your legal name. If you have a burn name, you may also include this. This information will be kept absolutely private, unless you sue us for some reason.


When you drive your car through the gate you will be given a wristband.  After parking your car, come to the Greeters tent to exchange your wristband for your awesome swag!


Gate Hours 

You will not be allowed to wait at the gate before 9am for it to open.  You will not be allowed to wait at the gate if you do not have a ticket.  We suggest the WalMart parking lot a mile down the road.

  • Thursday, October 17 - open at 9am to all Alchemy Ticket Holders
  • Friday, October 18 - open and staffed 24 hours
  • Saturday, October 19 - open and staffed from 12am to 8pm

  • Sunday, October 20th - open and staffed from midnight to noon.

Everyone except Teardown Crew must be off the property by noon on Monday, October 21st.

Early entry for theme camps begins at noon on Wednesday, October 16th.  To enter the event each person must have an Alchemy ticket AND an early entry pass issued by placement.  Theme camp organizers can email placement@alchemyburn.com to arrange for early entry passes for your camp.



Please note that we are going to be very strict about parking and the number of vehicles being operated on the property.  This is mainly for safety reasons.  We always need to be able to get emergency vehicles on and off property without delay.

When you arrive on site, you will have one hour to unpack your camp and park your vehicle in the parking lot. Larger vehicles unloading burners at multiple locations or equipment for theme camps may request extra unloading time when they arrive. Schwag will be distributed at the Greeters Station only after your car is safely returned to the parking lot after your unpack. 

If you need to keep your vehicle at your campsite, you must first pre-register with the Parking Team before Sunday, September 18th, at 11:59 pm. Approval is based on location of campsite, size, and necessity of vehicle. Decorating your vehicle so that it looks like a piece of art or it is completely camouflaged is highly encouraged. These vehicles are not to be mistaken for mutant vehicles – they are not permitted to move or be driven throughout the grounds under any circumstances.

Don’t leave valuables visible in your car. Once you’ve parked it, please leave your vehicle parked, either in the parking lot or decorated in your campsite, for the duration of the event.

Setting Up Camp

Alchemy is a first-come, first-served city! Registered theme camps, villages and hamlets will be placed in advance.  Unregistered theme camps and general burners can find available space when they arrive.  Prior to arriving, consider several different areas where you might want to camp, rather than setting your heart on one particular area. Please do not claim space you aren’t going to use.

Once you are on-site, work with the people who are set up around where you want to camp. If they are a theme camp, ask them what the theme of their camp is, and what they have planned during the event. It may be that you don’t want to camp near those kinds of camps or events, or it may be that you do!  Friendly neighbors are good neighbors.

There are a few no amplified sound areas around the property. These are designated on the map at the end of the Survival Guide, and will be obvious on the map on the property.  Additionally, there will be signs around the no amped sound areas. There will be no sound on Effigy Hill and no sound on Silent Hill.  If a Ranger or Sound Trooper asks you to lower your volume, it is probably because one of the local residents called the police to complain.  We want to keep the neighbors and the police happy.

Other than the “No Amplified Sound” zones, there are no quiet areas at Alchemy.  If you are sensitive to noise, please be radically self-reliant and bring earplugs.

After you have placed yourself and your camp, go to Connexus to post notes to your friends and mark yourself on the map!

Hazards of the Land

The property is located in the foothills of northwest Georgia. Some things you might expect to find include poison oak and ivy, snakes, ants, mosquitoes, spiders, skunks and possibly scorpions. Don’t play with the wildlife, be careful and pay attention, and you should be fine.

There is a lake.  It is not very deep. There will be no lifeguard on duty so swim and dive at your own risk.  The bottom of the lake is a thick squisy mud.  You can easily sink into it up to your knees, and it loves to suck the shoes off your feet.  Beware of the mud!

The orange fencing you see around the site marks areas that are dangerous (fuel storage, trip hazards, and large carnivorous lobsters). They are off limits to anyone who does not wish to die a most painful death.


The following roads are pedestrian only and will not be accessible by normal vehicles during the burn:


The road in front of the stage.

The road going by the pond on the left hand side.

The back road behind the lake.

The Effigy and immediate surrounding area will be closed to the public at 5:30 Saturday Night.


Finally, don’t drive more than 5 mph at Alchemy!

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace means monitoring and minimizing your impact on the environment. It starts before you leave for Alchemy, with proper planning and packing. It is in effect at the Burn with organized proper MOOP (matter out of place) collection, respect for the land and wildlife, and consideration of others.

Moop (Matter Out of Place) Fairies

Two hundred pounds of MOOP was left on site following the last Burn, which had to be picked up and hauled away by our hard working LNT team. This year at Alchemy, Leave No Trace volunteers will be dressed as moop fairies.  They will be patrolling the site cleaning up moop, but they will also be educating burners on good LNT practices.

While the LNT volunteers wander the grounds collecting MOOP and passing out trash bags, these fairies aren’t happy to pick up after you.  

After the burn, the LNT team will be combing the site and making a moop map to show where the best and worst of the moop cleanup was.  Theme camps that leave behind moop will feel the burn of public shame!

Hints to reduce MOOP

  • Pack durable, reusable essentials
  • For food, leave extra packaging at home. Individually packaged items create a greater risk of moop. For example: instead of small boxes of cereal each bagged, leave the cardboard at home and bring one big bag. Many foods can be transferred to resealable plastic containers instead of their original packaging.
  • Don’t bring individual pre-filled water bottles. Instead pack larger 2 or 5 gallon water containers and carry a refillable bottle. Theme camps can also coordinate to get even larger water containers saving everyone space and money.
  • Use toiletries that are biodegradable. The grey water is not collected from the communal showers at Cherokee farms, so it is important to use products that won’t be detrimental to the local ecology. Further, don’t leave your bottles of products in the showers. Someone has to come behind you at the end of the event and throw all those products away. Historically, dozens of toiletries are collected at the end of each event.
  • Bring your own reusable cup, mug, utensils, plates and bowls. Paper, styrofoam or other disposable options end up as MOOP and actually cost you more money in the long run.
  • Bring extra, zip lock bags with you to collect any waste out of the portapotties that doesn’t come out of your body. Bring a trash bin with a lid or line a gladware bin with a black trash bag at your home camp so you don’t have to keep these things inside your tent or carry them with you. You are responsible for moist wipes or feminine products but it doesn’t have to get nasty.
  • Buy reusable LED glowing items, instead of disposable chemical glowsticks
  • Be aware of what you wear for your burn outfits and costumes. Feather boas, sequins, and belly dancing coin skirts are very MOOPy



Alchemy is run entirely by volunteers, like you! Thank you in advance to all of you who have signed up already! There are still spots available if you want to be as cool as these other amazing folks who have already stepped up to make this burn amazing.


You can sign up by filling out your volunteer profile and signing up for a shift! You can also go back there to review your schedule. http://Alchemyburn.com/volunteer


You can also get involved after arriving on the property! Connexus will have information on Volunteering at the event.


Remember, there are no spectators at Alchemy, only Participants!



If things go awry during your burn, your first plan should always be to work out the problem yourself, with whoever’s involved. If you still find that you have unresolved issues, a Ranger might be able to help. Rangers are a team of volunteers who have volunteered to undergo a little extra training, to learn how to resolve conflict and address issues – of many kinds! – during the burn. Rangers aren’t cops, bouncers, security or anything to do with law enforcement – they’re participants just like you!  They act as intermediaries and guardians, to help make sure everyone remains healthy and happy.

Rangers will be walking around during the event in pairs, wearing blue t-shirts clearly marked RANGERS. Rangers on-shift will also have a laminate around their neck, and a radio.

Should you find yourself needing a Ranger, holler! There might be some within earshot. Ranger HQ will be located on the stage next to the showers (look for the blue lights). Or, find someone with a radio (other team members, Event Leads) to page a Ranger for you.        

Anyone should feel free to talk to, ask questions of, or ask help from a Ranger anytime!


Rangering is a great way to meet people! You’ll get to interact with people you might never have met, and see parts of Cherokee Farms you didn’t know existed. For more info, check out http://alchemyburn.com/volunteer/9 and email us: rangers@alchemyburn.com.


This is the first year we will have a Sound Team at Alchemy. The goal is to avert the problems we have had in years past with sound complaints between camps and from off site neighbors.  All sound systems at Alchemy have had to register this year (this includes Mutant Vehicles, Art, Theme Camp Sound Systems and every other possible combination of sound projection). There will be Sound Troopers out roaming the property at night checking on levels.  They are on call and available for any sort of situation we may encounter. If you have a sound system of any kind, it must have been registered with the Sound Team.

Read the sound info page at: http://alchemyburn.com/sound for more information.

More questions? email Sound@alchemyburn.com

Sound Troopers

Sound Troopers are a new thing at Alchemy. Sound Troopers are kind of like Rangers, but have to do with helping Sound Team keep our sound limits in compliance so that we don’t have offsite sound complaints from our neighbors and to mediate so we don’t have sound bleed from camp to camp that prevents our camps from achieving their mission. If you have a problem with sound effecting your camp, please feel free to contact your neighbor and discuss it, any camp with sound has been encouraged to respect the sound rights of their neighbors, or if you have trouble there or are uncomfortable with that, let a Sound Trooper know, they will be identifiable by their shirts. They are mostly on duty at night, but it you have a sound issue you can usually find Sound Team Co-Lead Fixxer at Camp Rootpile.

Important Places


First Aid

The First Aid station is located in the tent next to the stage with Ranger HQ.  They are set up to handle minor injuries like bumps and scrapes.  If you have anything worse than that, they will help you see the Paramedics on site.

Ranger Headquarters

Ranger Headquarters is on the stage next to First Aid, near Center Camp.  Rangers are here to help, so if you have a question or want to report a dangerous situation, a ranger is the person to talk to.  There will be Rangers patrolling the site, so you don't have to go all the way to HQ to talk to them.


Connexus is located on the main field near Center Camp.  It is the place to go for information about the burn, event listings, maps and more.  They handle the lost and found and kid registration.

If you need to leave a message for a friend, Connexus has a message board and a map where you can mark your camp location.

Tranquility Base

Tranquility Base is a space in which participants can reground during the Burn. This space is meant for those who may need an environment or space in which to better acclimate or adjust to the Burn. Whether you’re arriving home for the first time, or freshly repacked from the ashes of burns gone by, our space is open to those who have need. The Burn environment offers a wealth of stimulus input, a veritable flood of the senses. These are often very transformative experiences. We are here to assist those who are in need of a calm, grounded space in which to integrate being home.


For those interested in assisting Tranquility Base in offering safe space within our community, please email tranquilitybase@Alchemyburn.com. We have need for volunteers at Tranquility Base! Please contact us if you feel you are able to assist our community in offering this service. On site training will be held at 6pm on Thursday and Friday onsite, at the Tranquility Base camp located at the back of the Pentagon.

Center Camp

Center Camp will be located in the Main Field, under the giant white top circus tent. Center Camp is a completely neutral space where you can go and hang out and host any type of activity you please! Than can be any workshop, a performance, a crafting session, or a discussion panel. There will be all kinds of activities there, both scheduled and unscheduled. If you would like to schedule your time, contact the Center Camp Team Leads at centercamp@Alchemyburn.com

The Effigy

The Effigy is what burns on Saturday night.  It will not burn if there's not enough people to keep a safe perimeter around it.  The effigy will close at 2pm on Saturday to prepare it for the burn.

Safety and Legal

Hazards of the Land

The property is located in the foothills of northwest Georgia. Some things you might expect to find include poison oak and ivy, snakes, ants, mosquitoes, spiders, skunks and possibly scorpions. Don’t play with the wildlife, be careful and pay attention, and you should be fine.

Also note that the lake isn’t very deep. There will be no lifeguard on duty so swim and dive at your own risk.

The orange fencing you see around the site marks areas that are dangerous (fuel storage, trip hazards, and large carnivorous lobsters). They are off limits to anyone who does not wish to die a most painful death.

Car safety

The speed limit is 5mph at all times.  This includes mutant vehicles.

Cars must have headlights on when driving.

Alchemy has hills, grass, dirt roads and mud.  All of these are things that can make a car skid.  Be especially careful in the mornings, when there is dew on the grass.  Cars can slip and slide all over the we grass.  If your car gets stuck DO NOT SPIN THE WHEELS!  It just chews up the ground and makes it easier for the next car to get stuck.  Ask the people around you for a push, and hopefully you will be on your way.  If your car gets stuck completely, please let a Ranger know.  


Fire Safety

We put a new policy in place for Euphoria 2013, and we had no fire injuries at all.  This is a very good thing, so we are using the same policy as the basis for Alchemy.

  1. No fire spinning without a safety present who has a fire blanket.
  2. All theme camps that will allow fire spinning in their camp must have a designated fueling area that is marked.  No spinning will be allowed within 10' of this area.  The camps must also have a fire extinguisher.  Fire safety has a limited number of fueling stations that will be loaned out to the community on a first come first serve basis.  If you would like one of these stations please email fire safety.
  3. All pressurized fuel fire art must be inspected by fire safety prior to operation.  The art piece will be tagged and a record kept.  Please contact fire safety prior to the event or once on site to arrange to have your art inspected.
  4. No ground fires.  This means no fires on the ground and no fire vessels where the heat is directly touching the ground.  The fire bowls with legs that keep them off the ground are fine.   Anything else should have several inches of space between the heat and the ground.  A wooden pallet or a few cinder blocks are great at keeping a burn barrel off the grass.
  5. No unattended fires including fire art and burn barrels

There are going to be thousands of us at Alchemy.  We are all part of the fire safety team.  If you see someone or something that is not safe, please tell someone!  Get a Ranger, or a member of the Fire Safety Team. 

Alchemy will operate on a one warning policy. An individual will receive one warning for not following these policies. On a second offense the individual will be asked to leave site.  This may seem harsh but after the injuries sustained at Alchemy 2012 we need the community to step up and help us make the environment safer for those attending.  We want everyone to have a fun and enjoyable burn, we want everyone to go home healthy as well.


For fire performers:

  • You must have a safety spotter with a fire blanket.
  • Don't spin fire if you are inebriated and can not do it safely.
  • Store your fuel safely and closed!  Look for the marked fueling stations on site.

Take care to check all fire toys and fire art for safety! Civic Responsibility! Fire is great so long as no one gets seriously injured!


What to Do in an Emergency

Alchemy has a First Aid team to assist with any medical issues during the event.  The First Aid area is located next to the wooden stage, in the city center.  We have paramedics on site at all times who can assist with medical emergencies beyond what you can handle with your first aid kit.  If you have an emergency, please come to the First Aid station, or notify a Ranger or other Alchemy staff member (look for someone with a radio) and they will come to you. 

In most cases, contacting the on site paramedic staff is faster and more effective than calling 911.  However, if you feel that you must call 911, don’t delay in doing so, but also be sure to notify a Ranger or other staff member.  That way, when an ambulance arrives at the gate, we can clear the road, and direct them to the correct location.  This is very important, because if an ambulance arrives unannounced, the gate staff will not know where to send them to help you! 

If you have a pre-existing medical condition that may require emergency care it’s a good idea to share this with your camp mates, so they know what you may need in case of such an emergency.  Also, be sure to bring any medications (rescue inhalers, epi-pens, etc) that you may need, and know where they are at all times!

First Aid Supplies

Please practice radical self reliance and bring your own medical supplies!  Don't know what to pack in your first aid kit? Here is a suggested list by level of awesomeness:

Sparkle Pony

  • You bring nothing and think, “The burn will provide.”  You stub your toe, get dysentery, and die.  FAIL.

Keep'n it Real...Minimum

  • Personal prescriptions
  • Tampons or pads (if required and bags for used ones)
  • Band-Aids of assorted sizes
  • Antibiotic ointment ie. Neosporin
  • Aspirin or Ibuprofen
  • Sunscreen

Grizzled Veteran

  • All of the above...plus
  • Ace wrap
  • Antacid
  • Anti-diarrhea medication
  • Benadryl
  • Bug spray
  • Moleskin (great for blisters/making shoes more comfy)
  • Gauze bandages
  • Gauze pads (4x4s)
  • Tape (1” cloth tape works well)
  • Tweezers
  • Burn ointment
  • Baby wipes


If you are serving alcohol to ANYONE, you are absolutely responsible for making sure the person you are giving it to is over 21 years old. You are responsible for IDing every single person you serve. If you serve someone under 21, Alchemy will ask you to close down your alcohol service and possibly eject you from the event.


You are responsible for abiding by all federal, state and local laws. You never know who may be a law enforcement official, so be careful what you say to strangers! If you or one of your friends has an encounter with law enforcement while en route to or from Alchemy, or while at Alchemy, please let a Team Lead, or Ranger  know as soon as possible.

Law Enforcement Interactions


Just as in the regular world, anyone could be a police officer, even if they are dressed just like you! Respect the local laws and you should have no problems.

If a police officer requests to enter your home - in this case, your tent or RV - you usually do not have to admit them unless they have a warrant signed by a judge.

One exception to this is when the evidence of criminal activity is in plain view from a public place, such as through a window or open door. Sight and/or scent of illegal activity may be held by a court to represent probable cause, which means that the officer may search the area around the illegal activity. The more steps you take to make your vehicle or tent private, the more expectation of privacy you will have against an unwarranted search.


You have the right to not consent to a search! If you give consent to be searched, whether it is a search of your car, tent, RV, or just your backpack or pockets, you give up your rights. There is nothing wrong with asserting your Constitutional rights and refusing to consent to a search. If you are searched without your consent, you have valid grounds later to challenge the legality of the search. Remember: if you give consent to a search, you cannot later successfully challenge the search and claim that it was unconstitutional.


If someone in your camp is arrested, the police may not use the arrest as an excuse to search adjacent tents or RVs where there is no evidence of criminal activity.


Burns are not a perfect place, and sometimes things do get stolen.  It does not happen often, but one bad person ruin the burn for a lot of people.

The big rule:  If you can’t handle losing something, don’t bring it. 

The slightly less big rule:  If it’s valuable, and you don’t need it right now, keep it locked in your car and out of sight.  Cell phones, laptops, DJ gear, etc. 

If you do need to keep something valuable at camp, make sure to keep it out of sight.

There are lots of heavy duty storage boxes that can be padlocked shut.  Keep your valuable stuff locked up.  A thief can hide a cellphone in a pocket.  Not so much with a 30 gallon storage box.

The most vulnerable time for your camp is usually when everyone is away watching the effigy burn on Saturday night.  Take a few minutes before heading to the effigy to make sure valuables are safe and secure.


Important Policies

No Pets

No pets except service dogs are allowed at Alchemy. If you show up with an animal, you will be asked to leave and take the animal elsewhere. If we find you inside the event with an animal, you will be asked to leave the event.  To register your service dog, email ems@alchemyburn.com

No Guns

No guns that shoot projectiles are allowed.  No real guns that shoot bullets.  No paintball guns.  No BB or pellet guns.  No airsoft guns.  Squirt guns are allowed.




Please do not put anything into the portapotties that did not come out of your body. (Please do not dispose of your children in the potties either.) This includes feminine hygiene products and beer bottles! When you put other objects into the potties, you cause the portapotty people to have to fish those items out prior to cleaning the potties. That’s horrible and disgusting, and it makes them hate us, so please be respectful and dispose of your other trash in your own camp.




There are showers at Alchemy, but please do not base your entire existence on the showers being everything you hoped for and more. The showers may or may not work at any given moment (more often than not, they at least have water), and they may or may not have hot water. Still, at least there are showers, dirty hippie!


The showers are not segregated in any way. You will find all kinds, colors, shapes, types, and species of people in there. Play nicely together and be respectful of each other!

Leave No Trace in the showers!  That means don’t forget your soap, shampoo, towel, razor, or beer.  The shower shack is one of our biggest LNT problems.


Burner kids are welcome at Alchemy! Please note that there are all kinds of people, camps and events that may be present at Alchemy. Just as in daily life, you are fully and solely responsible for the safety and security of your own spawn and the things to which they are exposed. Please keep your eye on your children and be responsible for their well-being.

You can go register your child at Connexus. They will put an arm band on you and one on your child, each with a unique number that corresponds to your neighborhood or theme camp. No other identifying information will be on the bracelets. Connexus will get your name, your child's name, a picture of you together, and where you are camped, and will store that information in a locked file box. The only people with access to this information are the Event Leads, the Ranger leads and the Connexus leads.

If we find your child separate from you, we can use that bracelet to look up the child's information and hopefully return the child to you more quickly. This registration is completely optional, but highly suggested.

If you lose track of your child, please let a Ranger, Team Lead or Event Lead know.  You will know the Rangers because they will all have blue Ranger shirts, laminates and radios. 

A parent or guardian must accompany children under 18. Your child is your responsibility! You will be required to sign a waiver for each person in your care who is under 18 years old.


In/Out Policy

At Alchemy we highly recommend taking all necessary steps to ensure you won’t need to leave during the festival. A Wal-Mart and other retailers are located in the town of LaFayette, within a few miles of the venue. We encourage you to stop here, the place we lovingly refer to as Default Camp, prior to making your initial appearance at the gate.

However... Alchemy is providing pieces of lovely schwag for each attendee. You may leave and re-enter during the event in one of two ways: either produce 15 pieces of schwag, or pay the price of another ticket ($72.25) in cash to the gate team. The gate team does not keep change; so if you plan to do this, bring cash and exact change.

Here’s how it works...


  1. Request 15 pieces of schwag from your fellow participants. These souvenirs WILL NOT be returned.
  2. Be scorned, ridiculed and possibly harassed.
  3. Present tokens to the gate, along with your original invite. The gate staff will mark your vehicle/hands/soul for re-entry.
  4. Each pass out of Alchemy is good for ONE hippie, not one hippie with 15 pieces of schwag and their 2-3 cohorts.

Beginning at 9am on October 17th, the In/Out policy is in full effect, even for volunteers!


Lost & Found

If during the event you find any items who have lost their owners, you may bring them to Lost and Found located at Connexus. Please check here for any items you might have lost during the event.  After the event, a lost and found list will be posted on the website.


Directions to Alchemy


Alchemy is held at Cherokee Farms, a privately owned and operated venue. The physical address is 2035 Old Mineral Springs Road, LaFayette, GA 30728.


  • Take I-75 to Exit 320 (Route 136 / Resaca / LaFayette) and head west (Left from 75 North and Right from 75 South)
  • Take GA 136 (Resaca LaFayette Road NW) for 6.6 miles to a T intersection and take a right to continue on GA 136
  • Continue on  GA 136 for 14.5 miles to a T intersection with GA 151 / Old Alabama Hwy
  • Turn left on 136 / 151 and go for 1.5 miles.
  • Turn right on 136 at E Villanow St and go 4 miles
  • Turn right at GA 136 / 1 / Lyle Jones Freeway and go 2.5 miles
  • Turn right at N Main St and go .5 mile
  • Turn left at Lake Howard Rd 
  • Need supplies?  Cross the railroad tracks and turn right into the WalMart.  Last chance!
  • Continue on GA 136 for 1 mile.
  • Turn Left on Old Mineral Springs Road.  Go 1.7 miles.  Look for the Alchemy sign on the right.
  • Turn Right on Walnut Row at the Alchemy Sign.
  • Follow the Alchemy signs to the gate.  Welcome home!

If you are coming north on I-75, Google Maps and most GPS systems will tell you the shortest way is to get off at exit 320 (Resaca/LaFayette).  This is the shortest, but it also involves a lot of back roads and some winding mountain road which can be nerve wracking in big trucks, or darkness or rain.  An alternate way to Alchemy is to get off at exit 348.  This way is about 18 miles longer, but it is all highway driving and main roads.

  • Take I-75 north to exit 348 for GA-151 toward Ringgold/Lafayette
  • Turn left onto GA-151 S/Old Alabama Rd and go 3 miles
  • Turn right onto Mt Pisgah Rd and go 4 miles
  • Turn left onto N Beaumont Rd and go 3 miles
  • Turn right onto GA-95 N and go 2 miles
  • Turn left onto GA-1 S/US-27 S and go 5.5 miles.  At the end of this you will see Wal Mart on your right.
  • Turn right onto GA-136 W and go 1 mile
  • Turn Left on Old Mineral Springs Road.  Go 1.7 miles.  Look for the Alchemy sign on the right.
  • Follow the Alchemy signs to the gate.  Welcome home!




Sound zones

24 hour sound: The Boneyard, The Hollow, Roswell.

Limited Sound: Deep End, Back Pocket, Ghetto, The Lake, Burning Fields, Main Field, Ragnarok

No amplified sound: Silent Hill, Siegelands

Remember, just because a neighborhood is listed as "No Amplified Sound" doesn't mean it will be quiet!  Bring earplugs if you need to.