Swing, Swang, Swung

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Project Name: Swing, Swang, Swung

Artist Name: Evans Manrique

Description of Project

Swings are a lot of fun and something that is not always rated for adult use. With a little metal and some heavy lifting we can have just that.  I can transport all the large heavy materials very easily, and it will be a fairly easy on site build.  The main work is properly securing them to the ground which will require 2 circus spikes per set of swings (from the org stock). I will ratchet the swings down to make them safe and stable with straps I already own.  I have wanted to sit on a swing and observe the burn going on in-front of me for a little while.  This kind of swing is sort of nostalgic for a lot of people and brings back some nice memories.

Community Involvement

Everyone will be able to swing like a little kid and have all the fun. Including the little kids. I have never seen playground swings at a GA burn and would like to change that.

Requested Minimum:  $1,056.84

Requested Maximum: 1916.21

Budget: https://goo.gl/oBmEgR

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