Center Camp

Hello everyone!  I’m Lucas, the Team Lead for Center Camp at Alchemy.  I would like to address some changes I’m making to the experience Center Camp normally provides.  Typically Center Camp hosts many sound events - DJ’s of all types are invited to participate with Center Camp to make the space a very up-beat, laser-filled, thumping music area.  Center Camp has also been known to invite people to host workshops and other events as well.  Every Center Camp lead in the past has executed a unique vision on how to orchestrate something like Center Camp.  This year I’d like to continue that tradition, and take a turn at a unique vision that changes the “vibe” of Center Camp all together.  


  • First is a “change of scenery.”  We’re going go for a more relaxed mood, giving the Center Camp tent softer lighting.  In addition to this Center Camp will be less of a dance floor, and more of a conversation space.  Walk in to find cushions on the floor surrounding Teensy Playatech.  If you’ve brought your own cup, we’d like to invite you for a refreshing cup of coffee, tea, or lemonade.  Sit with a friend and have a conversation or take a breath alone to Center yourself at Center Camp.  Listen to the person speaking poetry or playing a harmonic acoustic melody on stage.  
  • Sound Events are not being done away with completely.  Our lovely DJ Bouncyhouse and a guest will be hosting Prom from 9pm - Midnight Friday!  The theme is rainbow, so dress in your colorful best!  Conclave will also be sharing Main Field with Center Camp for the Friday Night Fire Circle.  
  • Saturday from Midnight to Noon the funded art project “Saturday Morning Cartoons at Center Camp” will be hosting it’s event.  Starting with feature films and followed by cartoons of varying types.  There will also be all kinds of cereal so bring your bowl!  
  • We’re also going to work with Theme Camp Coordinators to give DJ’s an avenue to play sets.  Sound Camps bring thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and in having Center Camp as a place where so many DJ’s play we essentially steal the sound camps thunder.  Let’s give them their thunder back!

Types of “Events”

  • Performance Art
  • Spoken Word Poetry
  • Acoustic music
  • Ambient/Downtempo

What we Need:

  • We are in search of Ambient/Downtempo DJ’s to host a two hour time block on Sunday morning.
  • We need rainbow decorations!  If you have any that can be used for Prom please let us know!  
  • We’d love to feature live music on Saturday night.  Acoustic or Electric!  We have just about everything you would need to plug in your instruments, but you would need to bring and pedals or specialty things yourself if needed.
  • Any specialty Coffee or Tea that you would like to donate!


Want to sign up to host an event at Center Camp?  Go here!

Please feel free to email any questions or concerns to