About the Connexus Team:

Connexus is the main information station during the event.  We're the ones you want to visit when you have questions and are in need of answers!  We rely heavily on participents to stop by and let us know if you wandered upon a cool thing that you think others would want to know about, or maybe you have a theme camp and you're planning to feed everyone tacos on Saturday afternoon, or Sunday morning pancakes.  Stop by and let us know so we can add it to our board of events and spread the word!  A big part of our responsibility is to ensure that all of the volunteer shifts are filled, especially those that are super critical.  Want the effigy to burn on time?  Stop by and ask if they're in need of more volunteers!  If you decide on site that you have more you want to give to the community Connexus has an up to date volunteer schedule where you can write yourself in to pick up a list minute shift with your favorite (or decently liked) team.

This is also the stop to make if you've lost, or found any items.  We'll happily store them, and try our best to reunite them with their owner after everyone is back at default camp.

Brought your children with you?  Stop by and get a nifty wristband for you and them in the event you get separated.  This assures we'll know where you're camped, and have contact info for you so that we can get you reunited as quickly as possible. 

Contact your Connexus Team Leads:

Heather Jensen: Lead 

Emily G: Co-Lead