About the Connexus Team:

Connexus is the main information clearinghouse at the event itself. Connexus is the place to go if you want information about the land, locations of various camps and activities, teams and volunteer opportunities, theme camp locations and registration, and lost and found. 

Connexus Team Lead Expectations:

  • Creating a team that gathers information from other team leads that needs to be displayed at the event.
  • Creating signage or other records to communicate that information.
  • Staffing the Connexus tent itself.
  • Making sure any technological items are stored and protected at the event.
  • Preparing any technology used in advance of the event.
  • Setting up the Connexus tent pre-event.
  • Presenting a map at the event that shows camp placement and infrastructure placement.
  • Setting up a way for people to find each other at the event.
  • Setting up and dealing with Lost and Found.

Basic Team Lead Expectations:

  • Attend the first Team Lead meeting on June 7th.
  • Attend the monthly Team Lead meetings. If you do not live close enough to Atlanta, we require that you have a Co-Lead who can attend. 
  • Submit a budget for the team.
  • Attend build weekend/week if required for your team.
  • Set up a volunteer schedule in coordination with the volunteer coordinator.
  • Attend the daily Team Lead meetings during the event.
  • Assign one person (either a Team Lead or an experienced volunteer) to assist with breaking down the team's infrastructure.  This team member must remain onsite until their team's assets have been completely broken down and turned over to Teardown/Public Works.
  • Complete post-event report submitted 3 weeks after the event.
  • Attend Radio training
  • Not be scared by all this stuff! We have pretty solid support and resource systems to help you with this, especially if this is your first time leading a team.

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