Effigy Team

Contact: effigy@alchemyburn.com

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About the Effigy Team:

The Effigy Team is responsible for the design, construction, transportation, burning, clean up, and any other needs of one many consider to be a very important part of event; the Alchemy effigy!

The Effigy Team is broken down into three parts: 

Effigy (Art & Design) is the creative and imaginative mind behind the effigy. They are the visionaries who dream the big dream.

  • Create Design for the Effigy.
  • Oversees the Art aspects of the installation 

Effigy (Construction & Fabrication) is the person responsible for bringing the effigy 

  • Reviews designs 
  • Creates Plans for the Effigy  with the Effigy Art & Design Lead
  • Oversees Build 

Effigy (Logistics)

  • Responsible for handling Team's Communications 
  • Organizing and Volunteer Management
  • Works with Purchasing and APW to make sure Team Needs are met.