First Aid Team


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The First Aid Team is responsible for: 

  • Assisting participants with minor medical issues
  • Assessing first aid equipment and supplies pre-event, and submitting a budget to the Event Lead Team, as well as creating an order for any additionally needed items
  • Keeping a HIPPA safe record of any medical situations that occur at the event, so we can try to prevent these in the future
  • Having a team member present at the First Aid station 24/7
  • Having the first aid stage organized, clean and inventory kept up.
  • Keeping the Event Lead Team informed about medical situations as necessary
  • Adding t-base if needed with equipment, or able hands.
  • Adding rangers if requested to help form a perimeter or keep roads clear in case of an emergency. 
  • Working with the Volunteer Team to staff the First Aid station. 

We also assist our amazing paid Paramedics in facilitating the following. :)

  • Assessing situations to determine if they are emergencies requiring our Medics to reposed.
  • In the case of emergency, attending to participant until outside emergency personnel arrive if requested by medic.
  • if requested by medic, responding on radio for medic if they are working on a patient and can't respond.