Temple Team

About the Temple Team:

The Temple Team is responsible for the design, construction, transportation, burning, clean up, and any other needs of the Alchemy Temple. The Temple is very important part of the event to many participants. Its importance, some would argue, is due to the variety of meaning and value they hold to each community members. Some treat as a place to grieve a loss, celebrate a life, seek solace and peace, or use it as a place of contemplation. The Temple is usually burned on Sunday at sunrise in a solemn bonfire ceremony. 

Our Temples have very few constraints on their artistic and structural concept. They have historically been wooden, sometimes interactive, and sometimes climbable. The designers make a lot of effort to make it a space that serves the desires of the community.

Leadership applications for the Alchemy 2016 Temple Team are live! See the bottom of this page for how to apply.

The Temple Team Leadership Structure:


Creating (and poofing away) the Temple is no small or quick task. It requires loads of dedication, time commitment, knowledge, and collaboration. This is why we have moved to expand the team's leadership to specialize and lighten the load. Here is the breakdown of the 3 leads:

Temple Art Lead: The creative and imaginative mind behind the Temple. They are the visionaries who dream the big dream. Expectation about their role include:

  • Creating the design concept for the Temple (does not have to include the technical design)

  • Overseeing and curating the artistic aspects of the Temple

  • Working with the Temple Leads to incorporate any desired artistic mediums (CnC art, painting, lighting, sound, etc)

  • Thinking of ways to include community members and incorporate their art in the Temple (With the assistance of the Temple Logistics Lead)

  • Working with the Fire Safety team to come up with a cool and safe ignition plan

  • Ability to create a digital model of the design is highly desired (but not required)

  • No construction experience necessary. We will hook you up with with the people who have that.

Temple Construction & Fabrication Lead: The technically inclined, builder savvy hands that will lead the physical design, construction, and labor. Expectation about their role include:

  • Working with the Temple Art Lead to translate their concept into a safe and structurally sound Temple  

  • Creating the plans and blueprints for the Temple, within the Fire Safety guidelines

  • Creating a build budget and a materials list, as accurately as possible

  • Working with the Temple Leads to create a pre-build plan and schedule

  • Working with the Temple Logistics Lead to recruit a volunteer build crew

  • Working with the Temple Leads to create any CnC art (if applicable)

  • Working with the Logistics Lead to coordinate transportation of the Temple from the build site to the event site

  • Working with the Ops Department Lead to secure heavy equipment and certified volunteers to operator them (if needed)

  • Overseeing the build process (pre-build and on-site)

  • Construction, contractor, carpentry, or equivalent experience is required

  • This is likely the most time consuming lead position. Your presence is needed for all pre-build sessions and on-site construction.

    • This constraint can be off-set by good project management, delegation, and a supportive team.

  • No artistic background necessary (although it wouldn't suck to have it).

Temple Logistics Task Lead: The type-A wizard who will help keep everyone's S&#! together.  Expectation about their role include:

  • Being fully available to the other Temple Leads to provide any logistical stuff as needed. The includes:

    • Communication with the Events Committee and the rest of the event leadership

    • Purchasing, build materials, and art supplies

    • Build site needs

    • Transportation

    • Budgeting

  • Organizing people and volunteer management

  • Working with the Alchemy Public Works (APW) and the Purchasing Lead to secure all the tools and materials needed

  • Working with the Safety and Ops Departments to coordinate and plan closing and burning the sucker down

  • Working with the Temple Leads and APW to coordinate the Temple burn-scar clean up

  • No art, design, or building experience necessary

  • Efficient and prompt communication is required

  • Online planning tools (Excel, Google Docs, etc) skills required

Basic, Collective Expectations of Temple Team Leads:

  • Attending the first Team Lead meeting on June 12th (exact time and location pending)

  • Attending the monthly Team Lead meetings

  • Completing and submitting and Temple Design Proposal (TDP)

    • Only one of those for the whole team

  • Attending build weekend (or later if needed) to build the Temple

  • Setting up a volunteer schedule in coordination with the Volunteer Coordinator

  • Attending the daily Team Lead meetings during the event

  • Ensuring that the Temple burn scar is cleaned by the end of the event

  • Completing the post-event report and submitting it 3 weeks after the event

  • Attending Radio training

  • Not being scared by any the stuff above! We have pretty solid support and resource systems to help you with this, especially if this is your first time leading a team.



How is The Winning Proposal Selected?

  • A panel made up of past effigy and temple leads will review the Temple Design Proposals (TDP) with the applicants. They will screen for structural soundness and feasibility.

  • The Fire Safety Team will also review the TDPs with the applicants to screen from a safety prospective.

  • The final decision is made by the Events Committee based on artistic aesthetic elements, value to the community, and the recommendations made by the above mentioned groups.

  • The selection process is very interactive. Once the TDP is submitted, the groups above will engage the applicants for questions and suggestions to make their design and TDP more viable.

    • You should be prepared for scheduling a meeting with these group to make this step easy.

  • It is highly recommended that the applicants reach out to the builder community for support before submitting a TDP. A clean and well thought-out proposal makes the selection process quicker and easier for everyone.


How to Apply to Be Part of The Temple Lead Team?

  • If you are applying to lead any of the 3 positions of the team, you must fill out this form

    • It is acceptable to apply to simultaneously lead up to 2 of these lead positions.

    • If you have other leads that you would like to work with, please indicate so in your leadership form.

  • Even though we are splitting off the major responsibilities, it is expected that at least one of the leads will be confident on how the whole process will come together.

  • If you have a Temple Design Proposal (TDP) ready, you may go ahead and submit that here.

  • If you do not have a TDP ready, that's ok, for now. We will connect you with other applicants and together you can collaborate and create the Design Package.

Thank you for your inteterest in leading this effort. We know this is a lot of information, so please feel free to email us with any questions at eventleads@flashpointart.org.