Temple Team

About the Temple Team:

The Temple Team is responsible for the design, construction, transportation, burning, clean up, and any other needs of the Alchemy Temple. The Temple is very important part of the event to many participants. Its importance, some would argue, is due to the variety of meaning and value they hold to each community members. Some treat as a place to grieve a loss, celebrate a life, seek solace and peace, or use it as a place of contemplation. The Temple is usually burned on Sunday at sunrise in a solemn bonfire ceremony. 

Our Temples have very few constraints on their artistic and structural concept. They have historically been wooden, sometimes interactive, and sometimes climbable. The designers make a lot of effort to make it a space that serves the desires of the community.

The Temple Team Leadership Structure:

Creating (and poofing away) the Temple is no small or quick task. It requires loads of dedication, time commitment, knowledge, and collaboration. This is why we have moved to expand the team's leadership to specialize and lighten the load. Temple Leads have been selected!!

Temple Art Lead:    Amy Mobbs

Temple Construction & Fabrication Lead:    Brian Calhoun

Temple Logistics Task Lead:   Aaron Smith

How to Apply to Be Part of The Temple: Volunteer for build, perimeter and clean up?

Please click the link here and then scroll down to temple and sign up for volunteer shifts!  :)


Thank you for your inteterest and we look forward to meeting all of you!