Volunteer Coordinator

Email: volunteers@alchemyfestival.com

About the Volunteer Coordinator:
Alchemy, like all other burn events, is participant and volunteer driven. For those who choose to participate by volunteering under a event team, the Volunteer Coordinators are a very essential resource. The Volunteer Coordinators play the role of matchmaker between volunteers and Teams/Team Leads. If there is a gap or a number of shifts the needs some hands/brains to staff them, the Volunteer Coordinators will do their best to facilitate filling them!

Volunteer Coordinator’s Expectations:

  • Develop a plan and strategy to fulfill all volunteer needs
  • Work with Team Leads to identify volunteer needs and build shift schedules, and help with any needed troubleshooting
  • Work with the Team Leads and Web Team to build and publish the volunteer schedules on the Alchemy website
  • Be the primary contact for general volunteer enquiries via email or social media
  • Make volunteer call outs and announcements on website and social media outlets
  • Develop a plan to organize volunteer interest during the burn, working with other Team Leads
  • Be responsible for printing the final volunteer schedules and make them available for viewing by Team Lead and participants during the event