Tentacle Brothers Ramen Shop

Project Name: Tentacle Brothers Ramen Shop

Artist Name: Rebecca Hattaway and Michael Kim

Description of Project

"We're coming back!

Tentacle Brothers Ramen Shop - A magical moving food stall. Based on street food vendors from all over the asian continent, Tentacle Brothers Ramen Shop, hopes to bring the tastes and cultures of several asian countries to Alchemy. We want to create something that brings people together. Where through the gift of food, we open people up to new experiences, friendships, and memories.

Imagine walking through the woods or trails of Alchemy and stumbling upon a glowing cart off in the distance. As you get closer, the lights become brighter, the smells become even more appetizing, and your ears start to hear sounds that takes you to another world. Nourishment and fun surrounded by burners from far and wide. But as the moonlight disappears, so does Tentacle Brothers Ramen Shop. Soon to just be a memory of the past, or maybe something of the imagination.

Tentacle Brothers Ramen Shop is a robust and sturdy cart, used heavily in the services industry, transformed with wood, plastic, and paint into a moving food stall. With 10 inch rubber wheel casters, Tentacle Brothers Ramen Shop, will be able to travel all over Alchemy to reach all edges of Alchemy. The cart will be constructed to appear as a Japanese ramen house on wheels.

Tentacle Brothers Ramen Shop will appear during one night of Alchemy with Japanese ramen and Taiwanese Bubble Tea! However, the space will be used again on other nights by surprise guests bringing other types of culinary arts!

The final preparation of the food itself, a performance in culinary art, will be done as burners request a taste. Preparation of certain ingredients will occur outside of the burn and kept in food grade containers and kept in safe temperatures via dry ice. Preparation of ingredients needed to be done before the cart travels will be done at our camp. The final assembly and cooking will be done live at Tentacle Brothers Ramen Shop."

Community Involvement

"The cart will be an interactive experience for Alchemy participants.The primary purpose of the cart is to bring participants together through the medium of food. It is often said that going to a burn is going "home", and one of the most integral aspects of home life is the family meal. The cart exists to invite participants to share a meal together, fostering a sense of community through gastronomy.

Last year we lucked out by using Business Casual's giant 20x20 tent to house our hungry visitors during Alchemud. This year we're planning on building something that will look like a food truck park. We want to make sure this part of communal sharing does not get hidden behind our tasty food!

We also have other talented groups that wish to use our space when we are not cooking to also share their foods and crafts."

Other: "Our budget is bigger, but so is the idea. We plan to reach more people this year around. Last year we served approximately 600 servings of ramen. We plan to double that! We know that there is a fan base and anticipation of us returning so our budget does reflect that.

Also, we are trying to get other projects involved to use our kitchen space and tables during our off times. That is currently in the works."


Final Funding: $1,798.75

Budget: https://goo.gl/7QVcUA

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