Tintinnabulum (formerly, the Chimes of Silent Hill)

Project Name: Tintinnabulum (formerly, the Chimes of Silent Hill)

Artist Name: Jen Mitchell

Description of Project

"This project, which consists of 3 large bells (former Helium cylinders) that chime by manually swinging wooden balls or with the wind, was first funded a few years back. Everyone that experienced it, really enjoyed them and have been asking that I bring them back and make them a permanent part of Camp Ra.
The materials I used to build the original structure are pretty shot and not safe to use, and they were a hassle to transport and setup/takedown was time-consuming (at the time, I was also leading Rangers) - so I stopped bringing them.
I have a new vision of how to make them safe, more aesthetically and audibly pleasing, more interactive, and easier to build and transport.
I'll be able to do all of the pre-build and decorative work myself in my workshop at home, and will have help from camp mates onsite for setup."

Community Involvement

The community will be able to hear it, see it and interact with it onsite.

Final Funding: $620.70



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