The Tiny Tempest


Project Name: The Tiny Tempest

Artist Name: Katya Antipova

Description of Project


The Tiny Tempest Secret Garden and Cloud Library offers visitors a stormy hideaway just their own where they can sit and think, watch the clouds, maybe feel the feels a while. Misplaced stone walls tempts burners to approach their gate and peer into a private garden. Just beyond the raindrop curtain lies another world where a storm is always brewing. Clouds gather close overhead and flashes of lightning punctuate thunderstorms, rain, and a mix of cheerful and bluesy rain songs. The park scene is set with forest and path images on the inner walls, complete with a lamp post, flowers and bench for sitting and taking it all in. Don’t like the weather? Just wait a minute. The Cloud Library Along the storm’s periphery hang several small twinkling clouds of various sizes on handles. A sign invites visitors to borrow them for a jaunt about the burn, to light the way out there and eventually back again. Housed in a 10x10 canopy, the Tiny Tempest is a medium-sized art installation designed to accommodate 1-3 burners at a time for an immersive and intimate experience. Music and lights to be synced with a sound effects controller, with everything powered by a self-funded solar setup.


Community Involvement

The Tiny Tempest is intended to offer Alchemists an inner adventure of their own making. It’s a place to contemplate, to chat, to write, to dream. Designed to accommodate 1-3 burners at a time for an immersive and intimate experience, it will also reach out to explore the entire burn one little cloud at a time.

Infrastructure needs: minimal, no generator, no safety concerns. Ideal location: visible and accessible but not in the middle of everything, and away from sound camps so its minimal audio setup can be effective.


Requested Minimum:  $591.32

Requested Maximum: $1010.48




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