Torch and Blade

Project Name: Torch and Blade

Artist Name: Joey Foss

Description of Project

To fully experience Decadence asks much of even seasoned burners and requires letting go of the worries that may hold us back. We will provide a gamut of experiences that can aid burners to, in a focused way, let go so they can move forward into fun and growth. Step one is the Decimator, a full-size, full function guillotine to slice through distractions - we encourage a decimation of material possessions or a thing of a more spiritual nature, name it and let it go. Step two is the oil bath and trial of athleticism: build up a sweat and we will scrape off your cleansed sweat and fragrant oil in lavish fashion, using an oil scraper (strigil) to collect the pheromone and/or sin laden oils. You can keep it for your lover or we will burn it with our communal hopes and wishes in the Eternal Torch. Cake social and a cozy area for reflection will be available, as will materials for a prayer flag to attach to the Torch.

Community Involvement

The talents of several burners are contributing to the project already. This core group will assemble and transport the project to the burn. Volunteers would be welcomed for the hosting duties required of the project. The Torch and Blade is both intensely personal in aim, but also able to interact with a wide group of participants, especially with the fun of the cake social, etc. There will be interesting visual background at all times and lots of interact-ability to promote fun.

Other: We will welcome onsite volunteers excited about our project to help with hosting duties.


Final Funding: $500.00


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