The Total Hick Cooking Cart (T.Hi.C.C.)

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Project Name: The Total Hick Cooking Cart (T.Hi.C.C.)

Artist Name: Matthew Barnes

Description of Project

The Total Hick Cooking Cart (T.Hi.C.C.) looks to bring the warm and welcoming aspects of southern hospitality to people all across the burn. The smell of food that's good for your soul, the sound of rain on your grandma's tin roof, the creak and following slap of the screen door can all be found at T.Hi.C.C.

The cart will be built from wood, designed to house two drawers for food and cooking utensils and the propane tank. Covering the cart will be a tin roof, that will provide the ambient patter of raindrops as well as protection in the event of rain. The back side of the cart, where the drawers will be accessible, will be covered by a small screen door. This will keep the cart closed but allow us to experience the squeaky spring and wood on wood slap of an old screen door whenever we need to open it. The front of the cart will be made from a sheet of wood that can fold out and be set up as table. This table will help us serve our food by day and drinks by night. The top of the cart, where we will prepare food, will be covered in sheet metal to protect the wood of the cart and to make cleaning it easier.

Our food will be focused on an important southern staple - biscuits. We will serve bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits as well as biscuits with sausage gravy. We currently plan on having a vegan biscuit option for those who love animals. T.Hi.C.C. will also carry flavored moonshines, for those who can and so desire to imbibe.

Southern culture can be hard to separate from its dark past, but we want to bring some of its best elements to share with everyone; delicious food and friendly strangers. We are here to Make Alchemy T.Hi.C.C. Again.

Community Involvement

The Total Hick Cooking Cart will be a food cart we will set up at the burn and cook food for all present. We want to give as many people a taste of good Southern cooking as we can.

Requested Minimum:  $381.21

Requested Maximum: $403.11


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