The Wanderlust Wafflery


Project Name: The Wanderlust Wafflery

Artist Name: Malachi

Description of Project

I <3 WAFFLES! As an Ex-commercial baker I have spent 10+ years to redesign the Belgian waffle, there is no yeast, egg yolks, or added sugar in my waffle mix and stirs together as easy as box cake. It straddles the line between sweet-n-savory crispy with a touch of chew. I then condense pure maple syrup and then spin into a rich maple cream that is the stay put schemer and the wedge of Waffle a now prefect grab and go treat. In addition I'll bring a variety of dried fruits, candies and nuts to top the batter before baking so I can help you, help me make this the perfect waffle for you.

As an prior chuck wagon cook for several burner/festival teams I truly love meeting my fellow burners and Feeding them! and seeing them enjoy my labors and would love to do so this year.

The simple plan is to setup near one of the three buddy campers with generators that have graciously offered to power my irons for a few baking events throughout the weekend. A grander funding goal is to Radically Self Reliant with the purchase of propane waffle irons as replacements for the current electric and a small trailer frame to mount the steel booth on so that the whole mini Waffle bakery can roam, and purchase additional toppings and side items to serve with the core waffle.


Starving & wandering? follow your nose to the bold red and white marquee that is the Wonderlust Wafflery and the best Belgem Waffle you've never tasted. Baked fresh in 5 minutes the middle of woods!


Community Involvement

It is true an artist must suffer for their art to truly shine. No body said nothing about starving, let me fill our communities stomachs with golden brown and good for you waffle. my camps early setup and opening arrival means I and my roaming waffle servers will be baking and offering waffles up the hungry masses newly exhausted from packin and needed that carby boost to finish up.


Requested Minimum:  $692.98

Requested Maximum: $2562.73



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