Will You Lend the Crystal Your Hand?

Project Name: Will You Lend the Crystal Your Hand?

Artist Name: The Moebius Starwatchers

Description of Project

In the year 2015 four friends, the Starwatchers, who were appreciative of the natural elements of this world and others decided to build a stunning eight-foot-tall welded steel crystal as a way to memorialize the late artist Jean Giraud, "Moebius," creator of parallel Earths and mystical fantasy.

In a new act of radical self-expression, a new group of Starwatchers would like to combine and share their gifts in sculpture, architecture, mechanics, electrical wiring, human-computer interaction, and crafting mythical lore into this project that will allow several burners to collaborate and charge the Crystal.

A burner will see the Crystal from a distance, glowing lightly in the open. As they approach the Crystal, which will be levitating a few feet above its rocky, crystalline nest that rests upon the earth, the traveler will see six different 3-foot tall pedestals surrounding the crystal. Each pedestal appear to be part of ancient ruins: They will be covered in hanging mosses and seemingly made of weathered granite slabs. The top of each pedestal will have two handprint outlines where they may rest their hands. If they choose to interact with this, they will begin to lend the Crystal their charging powers.

When they touch the pedestals, the participation games will begin. The Crystal will come alive and welcome the first traveler and thank them for lending their time and energy. The base of the pedestal will begin to illuminate, and a stream of light energy extending from the pedestal to the surrounding 6 pedestals will slowly begin to illuminate.

Here, the communal effort begins. At this point, the Crystal will gently request that they find companions to help charge the other 5 pedestals. The traveler has a choice: Will they walk away? Or will they begin to radically include anyone in sight in an effort to have one person charge every pedestal?

Surely, when conditions allow, they may choose to radically include. As they collect surrounding passersby and each new person places their palms upon a pedestal, the charging lights from the pedestal to the surrounding pedestals will begin to illuminate. The Crystal will recognize and thank each traveler for lending a hand to charge it. As each pedestal is fully charged, a smaller crystal, symbolic of each individual burner, that is in the rocky nest forming the Crystal’s base will illuminate.

All six pedestals are now charged, and so the Crystal itself will be charged anew! It will radiate only as the Crystal can (the fluorescent acrylic paneling that forms the facets of the crystal will be illuminated from a blacklight hidden in the base). With the energy offered from the newly formed community of six travelers it will surely begin to gently spin (with a motor hidden in the base). The Crystal will begin to sing (over a hidden speaker) and dazzle its Newly Minted Starwatchers. The pleasant performance (there will be a few different performances/sounds, lasting 2-3 minutes before powering back down to the original state for a new group) combined with the feeling of successful communal collaboration will recharge the six travelers.

By lending their hands to charge the Crystal, the six travelers are, themselves, recharged.

Finally, the Crystal’s Starwatchers  will offer each of the six New Starwatchers a gift There will be six unique keys, and only 1 or 2 patterns will be given out to each group. The travelers may then choose to wear and display the key on their travels. If the travelers manage to collect a new group of six people, each one with one of the six unique keys, then they will be able to return to the Crystal to unlock further secrets. The Crystal’s Starwatchers will then reward the Newly Refined Starwatchers with another gift

We would like to make the Crystal a project that rewards communal effort, radical inclusion, and participation -- and is dazzling art sculpture, all rolled into one. Will you please lend us a hand?


Community Involvement

Planning - We have involved 14 burners so far in the brainstorming of the project. There is a core group of 7 people pricing and drafting and writing specifics for the grant. We will consider ideas we hear from the community at the physical fundraiser, or any ideas emailed to theshadowcloak@gmail.com.

Creation - Roughly 10-15 burners will be involved in construction of the project, mostly from the Memento Trio Village, but hopefully with guests from other camps to help

Realization - The entire project embodies 3 principles (communal effort, radical inclusion, and participation). I think it most strongly embodies communal effort. Six different people must work together to achieve a goal. In subsequent rounds of unlocking the crystal, each of those people must cooperate with others from outside the original group to achieve another goal. The community can unlock the crystal through working together. The art itself is a medium to promote working together, and the art reinforces that behavior with a resulting positive experience.

Beyond - Just as we have brought the Moebius Crystal Alchemy funded art project to 3 Alchemy burns, 1 Euphoria burn, and 3 To The Moon burns, we will bring the project back in more and more refined forms to future Alchemy burns, TTM, and anywhere else a chunk of our camp is attending. We would also consider teaching an informal class about what we learn in the electronics process, since having more touch-interface projects at the burn would be so rad!



Requested Minimum:  $1479.73

Requested Maximum: $1996.29

Budget: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13apub_-e_U-cQOlokAjDUA_6LvS8jVK3...


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