Yum Yum Delivery Service

Project Name: Yum Yum Delivery Service

Artist Name: Yum Yum

Description of Project

"We will coordinate with camps that are cooking primarily large meals and bring food to hungry hippies across the burn. This can be expanded to any leftovers that we can get our hands on. I am working with many burners to help facilitate a food court/food truck idea. I am confident that the level of deliciousness at Alchemy will be well over 9000 and I want to help deliver that deliciousness to you.

We will also bring as much Yum Yum sauce (my specialty red sauce) and pasta as the budget allows for."

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Community Involvement

"I am confident that we can feed 50-80% of the burn at least one meal and we will reduce food waste on site dramatically by getting rid of unwanted food.

We will be working with many camps and have volunteer opportunities for all. Camps already interested in working with us are: Camp Scheherazade, Camp Polite as Fuck, Queers next door, and ABC.

We are also planning on working with the Tentacles Brother's Ramen shop to bring you the maximum amount of deliciousness your tastebuds can handle."

Other: Prepare thine tastebuds.


Final Funding: $1,088.24

Budget: https://goo.gl/Tt0Lyz

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