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Alchemy 2017 will be October 19th - 23rd 2017.

Alchemy is the fall burn put on by Flashpoint Artists initiative.  Alchemy is a place where artists and creative people of all types can come together and experience art and music, and get to know each other through participation in a temporary autonomous community that is free from the things that define ordinary society, such as the constructs of consumerism and the expectations of ‘societal norms.’ It is a burn event, focused on art, expression, and inclusion. The environment created is centered on the expression of the participants in whatever manner they see fit, as long as they abide local, state, and federal laws.


Alchemists! We’re in the homestretch, so I’d like to talk about our participation in Chattooga County - we are guests of both our landlord and the county, and we want to create the most positive experience we can, with everyone involved. Here’s what you can do to help!

Buy Local: Anything you might be buying for the event, buy it locally! Grocery stores, hardware stores, etc.  The local community is our friend and neighbor during the event, and we want them to benefit from our presence as much as possible.

Sound: Our Sound Team will be working throughout the event to prevent bothering the neighbors. You might be asked to reduce the volume of your music, or even to turn it off completely. Being a good neighbor is our priority, and being welcomed back means minimal disruption to the comfort of everybody outside of the event who might not like the wubba-lubba-dub like we do. :) We promise it won’t be any more severe than necessary! Remember, the more we can moderate our own noise, the less chance local authorities will have to come by and ask us to!

Social Media: Unfortunately, due to second-hand info and tales from previous counties, many people already have a misinformed idea about what Alchemy is, and what we do. Please, please do not take it upon yourself to try and correct them! We want to win hearts and minds not with what we post online, but by coming and going peacefully, supporting the local economy, respecting the land, and leaving behind aid to schools and local arts programs.

The minute you enter the gates, you’re Home! Please remember though, that up until that point, you’re a guest in their county who wants to represent our burn community as best you can, and ensure we’re welcomed back for years to come!


Alchemy 2017:

2017's theme is Effervescence.


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