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Alchemy 2017 will be October 19th - 23rd 2017.

Elections for the Flashpoint Board of Directors are now open.  If you attended one of our events in 2015 or 2016, you are eligible to vote. 

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Alchemy is the fall burn put on by Flashpoint Artists initiative.  Alchemy is a place where artists and creative people of all types can come together and experience art and music, and get to know each other through participation in a temporary autonomous community that is free from the things that define ordinary society, such as the constructs of consumerism and the expectations of ‘societal norms.’ It is a burn event, focused on art, expression, and inclusion. The environment created is centered on the expression of the participants in whatever manner they see fit, as long as they abide local, state, and federal laws.

Alchemy 2016 is over. Planning for Alchemy 2017 will begin in the new year.  If you want to keep informed on plans for 2017, subscriibe to our e-newsletter, the Alchemist.

Photos and video from Alchemy 2016 are now coming in.

Alchemy 2017:

2017's theme is Effervescence.


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Latest News

22 Aug

2017 Board Election Results

Mary Robb and Chad Jones (Cinnamon) were re-elected.  Ryan King and Alyson Brown are new members to the Board and will join Daniel Draven and David

19 Aug

2017 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 Alchemy Scholarship winners!

07 Jul

2017 BOD Candidates


06 Jun

2017 BOD Callout

In preparation for 2018, Flashpoint Artists Initiative begins its search for community members to fill four voting Board of Directors seats, each s

05 Jun

Alchemy 2017 Team Lead Callouts

We are now accepting applications for motivated action hippies who want to join the 2017 Alchemy Leadership team.

28 May

Join the Alchemy 2017 Event Team

We are seeking members for the Alchemy 2017 Event Team! The Event Team is comprised of 10 leadership positions, some of which have been filled.

05 Dec

Join the FAI Conduct Committee

Flashpoint Artists Initiative invites you to help with the important task of keeping our community safe and accountable by serving on our

05 Dec

Join the Events Committee!

It is time to find our new Event Leads for the 2017 burn season!

11 Nov

Join the Flashpoint Board of Directors!

As our “events year” comes to a close, Flashpoint Artists Initiative begins its search for community members to fill two Board of Directors
11 Oct

Last minute stuff

  • Time is funny - Since the property is so close to Alabama, some people's phones pick up the Alabama cell tower and switch to