Art Car/Mutant Vehicle Registration is now open

Attention Alchemists!  Registration for art cars/mutant vehicles is now open!  Follow this link for more information and the registration form: DMV registration

The deadline to register your mutant vehicle or art car is September 11.

Questions?  Email


Bringing an art project to this year's Alchemy? Art installation registration is now open! Registering your art project is not required, but with registration comes advantages galore! Follow this link to start the registration process: Art installation registration form.

Registering your art project will allow it to be labeled on a large map that can be found at Connexxus. Participants will be able to hunt your project down and shower it with "ooohs!" and "aaahhh!" and "what possibly could have been going through their head when the built that?!" Our Photography Team will know where to find your project while they're out doing their photography thing. Registration also allows you to choose your preference on where you'd like your project to be at the burn. Like theme camp placement, nothing is 100% guaranteed, but being able to work with the Art Team and Placement Team to get your project where you want it is a far cry from a battle royale-esque first-come-first-serve throwdown! We will do our absolute best to get your project exactly where you want it.

Art project registration is open to any participant bringing an art project, regardless of whether it was self-funded or funded through the Alchemy Art Fundraiser.

The Art Team would like to remind you that if your project is with a theme camp, then registering your project is NOT a substitute for registering your theme camp. Please do both! Art project registration and theme camp registration are two separate processes. Further, if your art project utilizes amplified sound in any way, then you must register your project separately from the Art Project Registration: Sound and Theme Camp Registration.

Does your art project in any way utilize open flames? Do you plan to burn your project? Then you need to talk with fire safety regardless of whether or not you register your project. Talk to them pronto by emailing

Questions? Email


Swag/Gate/Ticket Design Callout

Hey Alchemists!

The 2014 Alchemy Events Committee is looking for artists to design this years swag and gate design.  Do you have a creative bone in your body?  Even if you just have a creative hair, we’d love to see your submission.  Consider this: the person who designs the swag and the gate sign gets to have their art seen and worn by everyone at Alchemy.  

Swag Design Information:

The design needs to have defined lines.

The design needs to be able to be in a format that can be read by most CAD software, if possible.  If not, we will work with you to make that happen!

If your design is a drawing, keep in mind the design will go on a piece of metal a little larger than a quarter.

If your design is an actual shape, not just a drawing, that’s ok!  Just keep in mind sharp edges flatten air mattresses.  

Keep the Alchemy 2014 theme in mind!: Tabula Rasa: the Blank Slate.  Art incorporating the theme is best.


Gate Design information:

A preliminary sketch all the way up to a professional drawing is acceptable.  If your design is accepted, you will have a budget to create this design!  You will then transfer that design in your preferred medium, whether it be painting onto a smooth finish large piece of wood and coating it with sealant, or a printed banner - whatever method you’d like to use, please make sure it’s weatherproof on the off chance we have inclimate weather.  Again, please keep the theme of Tabula Rasa in mind.  


To submit your design, please fill out this form: Form

Please submit your design by the deadline, which is 08/01/2014

If you have any questions, please email:

2014 Alchemy Art Fundraiser Wrap-Up

We know you’ve all been eagerly awaiting with great anticipation for the final results of the 2014 Alchemy Art Fundraiser. The time for waiting is done! The time for knowing is now!


Below you will see a spreadsheet detailing the funding breakdown for each project. The top table shows projects that participated in the Art Fundraiser event and the Online Fundraiser. Below that, you will see projects that received funding through the Cross-Pollination Grants.


A total of $7,007.00 was raised by the community through the Art Fundraiser event and the Online Fundraiser making it our most successful Art Fundraiser to date! Along with the art funding allocated by the Alchemy Event Lead Team for fundmatching and Cross-Pollination Grants, a total of $26,218.47 will be distributed across 33 different projects. Holy BZZZOW, Batman, that’s a ton of money for art!


There were 6 projects that did not receive any funding, and we were disappointed that not every artist was able to have their project funded. It’s the sad reality of limited resources, and we hope that these artists will try again next year. Every artist that participated has made a lasting contribution by getting the Alchemy burn community excited about this year’s art!

We are bursting with gratitude for this year’s artists and their drive to make their vision a reality and for the Alchemy burn community’s continued support. Thank you! None of this would be possible without you.

Questions? Comments? Email us at


Service Dog Registration

In order to bring a service animal onto the property for Alchemy it MUST be registered. All unregistered service animals will be turned away at the gate.

Service dog registration will remain open up until two weeks prior to Alchemy.

Your dog has to be altered, up to date on all shots, microchipped, non aggressive and  fully controlled. we do not allow pets this is for working service dogs only

Art Fundraiser Update: Online Fundraiser stats


The Online Fundraiser ended at midnight, July 4th. Please bear with us on this holiday weekend as we crunch numbers on Org funding amounts and prepare to announce the final results!

The spreadsheet below can be used to monitor online donations to projects attempting to get funding through the 2014 Alchemy Online Fundraiser. This spreadsheet also has the numbers from the event on June 21st, 2014. Remember: donations contributed through the Online Fundraiser are also counted when it comes to fundmatching!


Wait, how’s all this work again? Check out the FAQ!


The online donation numbers are updated every 24 hours, usually in the late evening.

Questions? Comments? Want to tell us that we’re awesome or terrible? Drop us a line at Go here to donate!

Art Fundraiser Update: Online is LIVE & Event Stats

The 2014 Alchemy Art Fundraiser was a HUGE SUCCESS.  A fantastic time was had with 27 of our artists representing projects that peaked our interest and captivated all of us.  Even more art projects will be involved in the Online Fundraiser.  Many thanks to all the submitting artists who have worked so hard so far, but the job isn’t quite over yet.  We can’t wait to see what you bring to Alchemy this year!


Didn’t make the physical fundraiser?  Perhaps you did, and you want to give your favorite projects MORE MONEY!  Or hey, what about those projects that didn’t make the physical fundraiser.  Wanna see those?!  The Online Fundraiser is happening right now and ends July 4th!  Go Go GO!


Numbers and Gratitude

We had 231 unique ballots, so that’s 231 participants through the Gate who were invested in voting!  Those 231 Participants donated $4,196.00 total for an average ballot amount of $18.16. We raised an additional $675.00 through the Live Auction, which means we raised a total of $4,871.00!  That’s more than we’ve ever raised before! Great job, everyone!


Big appreciation goes out to the artists who donated to the auction:  Michelle Waymire, Susan & Parker of Kittybear Hoops, Rebecca Scott of the Giving Bunnies,  Kelly McGuire, Ash Monogue, Jay & Becca of Forged Creations, Ryan Petty, Serenity River, and Violet of the Deathcar.  These artists donated not just their art, but their time to make that art, and support other Alchemy artists in the process.  Thank you all so much for your gifts, and to those who bid on auction items! We hope you love whatever you scored.

To the wonderful volunteers who pulled extra time and helped bust out this great event:  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Annnnnd now, numbers!  Remember, this is only the tally for the physical event last night.  Much fundraising still to be done in the Online Art Fundraiser! Please look forward to it!

Want to see how the Online Fundraiser is going? Clicky!

We apologize profusely to those who weren’t in attendance and eagerly awaiting online feed.  The space was too crowded and noisy to do successful interviews, though we tried.  Any artist who wishes can make their own video for the online portion. These videos will be posted on each project’s Online Fundraiser page as well as to this YouTube playlist.

Calling All Action Hippies!

Volunteer shift sign-up will go live by 9:30 AM on Sunday, June 22nd. Volunteering is what keeps the entire burn running, so we encourage every ticket holder to sign-up for *at least* one shift. You can sign up for shifts at Please also note:

  • You must have an account in order to sign up for volunteers, You can register here and reset your password here.
  • You must be logged into your account in order to see the volunteer link.
  • Do not volunteer if you do not have a ticket. Volunteering does not allow you entrance to the burn.

 Not sure what to sign up for? Have questions about how volunteering works? Please email Seth and Michelle at and we will do our best to help!

The Name of the City

Many things have names. Sometimes they even have more than one. Anything and everything is defined by the words that we use to identify it

The time has come, the time to name our city.  This should be a name that represents the spirit of the people of the city. Whether they seek out the mystical and transcendental ways of Alchemy, or the freedom and revelry of Euphoria all should be welcome here in this city.

Words have power, and few words have more power than the name of the place you call Home. 

You have a chance to leave your mark on the city by lending your own ideas,inspiration, and wisdom to a place where many people come to make their own legends.

You can submit your suggestion online or at the Alchemy Art fundraiser!  Submissions will end on July 6th. The Team Leads and the ELT will pick the nine best submissions for the community to vote on. Online voting will begin on July 13th and end on July 27th

There will be an option to choose not to name the city on the voting.


  • No Copyrighted Names
  • Nothing vulgar or related to illegal activities
  • We reserve the right to filter submissions that do not follow these guidelines.


Sound & Theme Camp Registration

Theme Camp Registration will also be opening by June 22nd as well. Theme camps are an important part of the city that we build at the burn. They offer us a unique flavor of art to each and every passer by.  A theme camp is a group of people collaborating to camp together and create a common theme to present to the burn participants at large through services, activities, a great place to hang out, art, performances, etc. Just about anything goes and the themes and offerings span a wide range. A theme camp could center on music, a social space, a classroom, a chill crash space, a stage for wild performances, an amazing art installation, etc. Creativity rules.

This year we are requesting that each theme camp register their camp. This will help us ensure that you get the location you need to bring your theme to life.  If you plan on having any sound at all you must register. Registration will close August 31st.