Alchemy 2015 Placement map

Greetings from your Benevolent Placement Overlords! (BPOs). This year, we had a record number of theme camps (128), sound camps (47), “major” (over 1000W) sound camps (21), number of claimed members of theme camps (2273), amount of square footage requested (both total and average per person in a camp). As a result, figuring out a solution to the placement puzzle has been especially challenging this year. Some of you will be absolutely thrilled with your placement. Others may not be absolutely thrilled with where your camp is placed. Know that we have to balance your requests and camp needs with the needs and requirements of the event itself, a well as of other camps, infrastructure, safety, traffic flow, emergency access, and many other concerns.

Here are some other things you need to know, especially if you are a Theme Camp Organizer:

  1. Generally speaking, we will NOT be accepting requests to move camps at this point. This map is packed and has been a fine balancing act – in most circumstances, it is not possible to simply switch two camps without a domino-effect on other camps. For this reason, even if your camp and another camp would like to switch places and agree to do so, it would need to be cleared through Placement (Fire Safety, and Sound), and odds are we would say no.
  2. If your Theme Camp does not appear on the map, and you either registered timely or requested late registration please contact placement so we can see why that is. Remember, Placement does not generally place independent vehicles or art projects not part of camps – you’d need to speak with DMV and Art, respectively, about such matters.
  3.  Art placement may still be underway, so while art installations are shown on the map, they may not all be shown yet.
  4.  VERY IMPORTANT: If you are running amplified SOUND, want to have a VEHICLE OR TRAILER in your camp, or have FIRE (art, spinning, etc.) the fact that you have been placed is NOT an approval of your flame effects, use of fire, sound system or levels, or vehicles/trailers. You will still need to coordinate with the respective teams (Fire Safety, Sound, DMV) for those approvals.
  5.  ALSO IMPORTANT – Placement still needs a few volunteers – contact us, or check out the website.
  6.  NEW POLICY ON ANNEXATION FOR 2015 ALCHEMY – in the past, we have allowed theme camps, as of sometime on Friday, to expand and annex unused space beyond their assigned theme camp borders (either a theme camp that fails to show up, or adjacent free camping) if needed. This year, due to the very limited amount of available free camping as a result of the large number of registrations and increased average size of camps, Theme Camps are NOT permitted to annex adjacent space, with one exception: if the space you want to annex can ONLY be accessed by going through yours or another assigned theme camp, you may make use of it so long as you and any other adjoining theme camps agree on how to allocate such space. One example of this is much of the tree line area between the Back Pocket and Deep End. If you aren’t sure, email placement prior to the event. As always, unclaimed Theme camp spots become available as free camping at Friday at 10:00 AM (but not annexable by another theme camp).

If you have every questions please email us at


2015 Alchemy Pocket Guide Submissions!

Your 2015 Pocket Guide Submission Form is now LIVE! Go here to list your Alchemy event in the pocket guide:

Alchemy 2015 Scholarship Recipients

The Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the following people will be receiving scholarship tickets to Alchemy 2015!  We hope that these people are able to find all the elation, happiness, joy, delight, glee, excitement, exhilaration, jubilation, exultation, ecstasy, bliss, and  rapture that their hearts do desire at this event! May this be the beginning of their merry adventure! We are sure many tales will be told of their times at the event!

The Recipients:

  • David Tyberg
  • Nala Cat
  • Quinn Michael Allgood
  • Loki LaVay
  • Heather Hightower
  • Zach Bigler
  • Giles Willis
  • Jennifer Reilly
  • Twilight Serenity Pearl
  • Sparklefists
  • Hope Murray
  • Mason Blanding
  • Max Kolb
  • Carrie Kolb
  • Jake the Dog
  • Florida Timmy
  • Brandy Diggs
  • December Van Deusen
  • Jerry Distroid
  • Eris Longnecker
  • Richard Aagesen
  • Miranda Bressler
  • Thea Connors
  • Lalena Wilson

Here is some of the art that was submitted alongside their scholarship submissions: 



Odey the Singing Monster

(cue the music)

The hills are aliiiiiiiiiive

Alchemy 2015 Event Registration Form




Welcome to Alchemy Placement 2015! This year we will be carrying on the fine placement program at Alchemy to help you build the best city possible!  Once again, unless you are a sound camp as discussed below, you have the option of pre-registering, or showing up and finding a first-come first serve location.  Pre-registered Theme Camps will also have the option of obtaining a limited number of early entry passes to allow them to begin setup on Wednesday, September 30, 2015  - this option is again only available to theme camps (or artists as determined by the Art team) that register for pre-placement.  We will also once again allow you to register as part of a village.  Theme camps that wish to band together as a Village should still individually register, but note that they are part of a village on their application - a Village Organizer (VO) should also ideally submit a Placement registration form for the village and list all camps to be included in the village (there will be either a designated space on the form, or it can be mentioned in the comments section).

Note, however, that we will NOT be accepting pre-registration for “Hamlets” as in years past. This doesn’t mean you can’t register a very small theme camp - but it does mean that placement this year is putting an emphasis on the Participation principle - Your Theme Camp’s participation contribution doesn’t have to be grandiose, massive, or earth shattering, but it should be meaningful to you, and something you will be proud, happy, and eager to share and show with your fellow burners.  In other words, we’re really just calling “Hamlets” Theme Camps and asking that a Theme Camp be more than just a place to dump your stuff during the event - Participate!  That said, there is no magic “litmus test” for whether your camp is doing enough - your own conscience must be your guide - your self expression needs no validation or approval from us.

As in recent past years, some neighborhoods are set up with different characteristics (such as amplified sound at certain times, no amplified sound, etc.).  

Any artists - Please fill out this form regardless if you are a funded or non-funded artist. Art Team will take into consideration any placement requests made by Funded Artists. Non-Funded Artists are encouraged to fill out the form so your art may appear on the maps both online and at the burn.   Want to hear more about the advantages of registering your art and how the process works?   Go here for details!

Below you will find the information, details, guidelines, key dates, and a little advice for all you aspiring theme camp organizers and community builders. If you have questions, please ask them as soon as possible.


The most important thing to take away from this is that there are key dates and deadlines by which camps must be registered, if at all. For camps that are required to register (see below) this is very important. If your camp fits into a category that is required to pre-register, and you do not, you may find that you are unable to fully set up your camp and contribute to the community in the way in which you envision. We don’t want that, so pay attention! These deadlines are before Burning Man, so don’t let yourself forget or get distracted.

  • July 3, 2015: Placement registration opens.
  • August 14, 2015: Theme Camp Placement registration deadline.
  • September 4, 2015:  Art Placement registration deadline.
  • September 18, 2015:  Final date to submit requests for Early Entry Passes.
  • September 30, 2015: Early entry for approved set-up individuals for registered theme camps and art projects only, starting at TBD.  
  • October 2, 2015: At 10:00 a.m., reserved spaces are released, and all space becomes “free-for-all,” including any pre-registered space where theme camp set-up has not commenced.


Certain types of theme camps will be required to pre-register. Other types of theme camps may, at their option, pre-register. We highly advise you to pre-register your camp, no matter how small it is.  

The following types of theme camps must pre-register:

A. Sound Camps: Your camp is a Sound Camp for purposes of placement if any of the following apply:

(1)  You have and will be using sound equipment with 300W or more of amplifier input power available;

(2)  ​You have and will be using any stand-alone subwoofer; or

(3)  You will be producing any kind of sound (amplified, acoustic, art installation, etc.) that will be in excess of 90db at a distance of 20 feet from your camp.

B. Any camp that will require more than 1200 square foot of space; and

C. Any camp that has specific location or geographic requirements which absolutely cannot function without access to those site features.

If your theme camp meets any of the above-criteria, you must pre-register your theme camp. If you fail to pre-register by the deadline listed above, your camp may not be able to function how you would like it, and we all want your camps to ROCK its radical self-expression as much as possible.

Please know that we are going to do our best to accommodate all of your space and location requests. However, the reality is that there are only so many sites and places. Therefore, we can’t guarantee any specific location or amount of space. Consequently, please make sure to have alternative locations and plans in mind when registering your Theme Camp. Additionally, sound camps should be aware that some locations where we may be able to permit 24 hour amplified sound will only work (in other words, avoid disturbing the neighbors) if your sound equipment is pointed in particular directions.


DMV will be handling questions regarding this (  However, the following information may be of interest to Theme Camps that are registering:

All RVs & Campers (not with a theme camp) that don't want to decorate their RVs or Campers should expect to be placed in Ragnarok. If Ragnarok fills up, the overflow will most likely be placed adjacent to Ragnarok along the tree line.  These vehicles do NOT have to register with DMV.  NOTE: This is ONLY for RVs and like vehicles.  This does NOT include golf carts, motorcycles, or any smaller mode of transportation.   

All other RVs & campers (including enclosed trailers utilized for housing sound equip, generator, etc.) have to be decorated (mutated) so they don't look like a vehicle.   DMV will determine if the level of mutation is sufficient.  These vehicles MUST complete both steps of registration; Pre-registration and an Onsite inspection.  NOTE:  All vehicles pulling the trailers are required to park in the parking lot.  The deadline to register your Art Car or Mutant Vehicle is August 30th.  You can read more about it here.


The theme camp registration process will take place through the Alchemy website. Once the link is available on the site (if it is not already – it will be clearly marked) – theme camp organizers will need to go to the site and fill out the entire form and click “submit” at the bottom when completed. That’s it! You’ll be registered, and we can begin the process of planning our wonderful city for you all to come home to!

Also, if you have specific questions or concerns beyond the form, you may contact the camp placement co-leads at


Hey! We need all the volunteers we can get. Wanna help build our city and take that ultimate pride in knowing you really helped make this all happen? We have all sorts of positions open. Chances are no matter when or what you can be available for, we have a position to put you in!

Some of the work that needs to be done includes:  On-site work before and during the beginning of the event, including marking camps and boundaries, erecting signage, assisting theme camps with finding their registered spot, and possibly other site preparation.


We will have additional information in the Survival Guide to help you make the most of your theme camp and placement. Also, as time goes on, we will get the information posted to you all to let you know where your camp will be, and other information. If you have any question, or especially if you want to volunteer, please let us know!


Your Theme Camp Placement Team Leads,

Jacob Davis and Brian Jaynes


Alchemy 2015 Art Fundraiser Wrap-Up


We know that you've all been eagerly awaiting the results of this year's fundraiser. But the wait is over! The time for knowing is NOW!

At this year's event, the community raised $9,478 and an additional $2,307 through the Online Fundraiser. This put us at a record-shattering total of $11,785 raised for art at Alchemy! The Art Fundraiser team wishes to extend our deepest gratitude to the artists who continue to dream bigger every year and to the community that gives their full-blown support to our unique art funding program. We are excited to see everyon'es visions become a reality! A total of 33 projects were funded through the Alchemy Art Fundraiser plus an additional 4 projects through Cross-Pollination Grants. for a grand total of $36,568.94 that will be distributed for art. Wowzers!

Below is a spreadsheet detailing which projects got what funding.

Greetings from your Placement Co-Leads!

Greetings Alchemists! Your placement team leads (Jacob Davis and Brian Jaynes) are here to help you make the most of your Theme Camp adn help satisfy your placement needs.  Know that we are working very hard behind the scenes to make sure that our systems are in place and ready to go this summer for your placement registration eneds and questions.  We currently expect placement to open up for requests approximately in July, with a deadline towards early or mid August for requests to be submitted.  This will allow at least two tiers of ticket sales to be completed before placement registration even starts, and will allow registration to run through and end shortly after on-line ticket sales are complete.  Also, we won't actually start placing theme camps on a map (even preliminarily) until the placement applciation deadline has passed.  In other words, all camps who register timely and by the deadline will be on equal footing in that regard. 

So, we're looking forward to working with you all as time goes on.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to email  More details to come in time.

CLOSED: Swag, Gate Sign, & Team Lead Shirt Submission

Alchemists!  Looking for even more ways to get involved in your burn creatively?  Then this is for you!  The 2015 FAI Events Committee is looking for artists to design this years swag, gate sign, and Team Lead shirt.  Have you ever dreamed of having YOUR ART floating about the burn, for everyone to see?  Well then this may be a great chance for you.  Need some inspiration?  Then go check out Alchemy's 2015 Theme:  Amalgamation!

Swag Design Information:

The design needs to have defined lines.  The design needs to be able to be in a format that can be read by most CAD software, if possible.  If not, we will work with you to make that happen!  If your design is a drawing, keep in mind the design will go on a pendant a little larger than a quarter.  If your design is an actual shape, not just a drawing, that’s ok!  Just keep in mind sharp edges flatten air mattresses.  

Gate Sign Design information:

A preliminary sketch all the way up to a professional drawing is acceptable.  If your design is accepted, you will have a budget to create this design!  You will then transfer that design in your preferred medium, whether it be painting onto a smooth finish large piece of wood and coating it with sealant, or a printed banner - whatever method you’d like to use.  Please make sure it’s weather-proof, because weather happens!   

Team Lead Shirt Design information:

The design needs to have defined lines.  The maximum file size is 25MB and 300 DPI or higher.  Allowed File Types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, eps, psd, ps, tif, tiff, pdf.

CLOSED for Alchemy 2015. Thanks for submitting!

Questions?  Email

Alchemy 2015 Art Fundraiser Update

Great news, Alchemists. This year's Alchemy Art Fundraiser was an absolute smashing success! This year the community raised $9,478 for art projects this year. Take a moment to let that sink in. In fact, take several. Wow! Last year, also a wild success, we raised $4,871 at the Fundraiser. So let's do some math... hmm... carry the 0... subdivide the vector product... We were just shy of DOUBLING the amount of funds raised from last year. That's absurd! Ridiculous! Amazing! Never in the history of the Alchemy Art Fundraiser have we seen such a dramatic increase in fundraising.

This just goes to show the grand visions that our artists have and the passion they have to share with us. This shows how dedicated our community is to supporting art at Alchemy. There is no way any of this could happen without our artists and the community that supports them, and the Alchemy Art and Art Fundraiser Team expresses our deepest gratitudes for everyone's support!

We also want to extend our gratitude for the generosity of all the artists that donated for the auction. Of the $9,478 total that was raised, the auction brought in $2,523! Another unprecedented jump in fundraising! As if we needed more evidence to show how important art is to this community. Thank you for the donations of not only your art, but the effort, materials, and years of the refinenement of your craft that were needed to make it happen.

More thanks to those of you that donated your tastey baked goods to this year's food effort. Hundreds of burners enjoyed your culinary delights, and we're thankful for your efforts! Kudos, gratitude, and a very, very loud THANK YOU! to the David Tyberg Jazz Autocracy for donating their time to keep our gate area smooth and cool with their silky jazz tunes. Finally, we would like to thank the UUCA for their as-smooth-as-it-could-possibly-be venue experience. The building managers and attendants went above and beyond in collaboration with us on making this the most successful Art Fundraiser yet.

We have a limited amount of schwag left over from the Fundraiser event. See our instructions here on how you can order it!

Below are the results from last weekend's event. Don't forget that the Online Fundraiser is next, starting Wednesday, June 17th and concluding on Wednesday, July 1st. So if you wanted to contribute to your favorite projects but couldn't make it to the event, there's your chance. Remember: funds collected online are "boosted" just like funds that are gathered at the event. Of the $25,000 provided by the FAI Events Committee for funding art at Alchemy this year, we have allocated $21,000 for Fund Boosting and $4,000 for Cross-Pollination Grants.  

Secondary Funds consist of two types of funds. One set is funds donated to artists that chose to drop out of the fundraiser after they participated in last weekend's event. Another set is due to some participants not turning in their ballots at the event. These funds are distributed based on the votes that the projects received to keep in line with our community choice model of funding art. 

Questions? Check out the Alchemy Art Fundraiser FAQ. Still not sure what's going on? Email us at

Alchemy 2015 Leadership Announced

Flashpoint Artist Initiative and the 2015 Event Committee are excited to announce the Alchemy 2015 Leadership! We look forward to working with these talented individuals to facilitate the space and opportunities for all our community members to participate and create their burn. We had a record high number of applicants eager to dedicate their time and energy towards taking charge and organizing efforts, and for that we are very grateful.

"Read More" for the list of names