Contact: rangers@alchemyburn.com

Facebook Group: Alchemy and Euphoria Ranger Clubhouse

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About the Ranger Team:
Alchemy Rangers assist with conflict resolution through non-confrontational mediation, not through authority. They also play an integral part in response to any medical, fire or LEO emergencies.
The team has sober volunteers who continually walk the event in pairs, keeping an eye out and communicating any serious emergencies. A few experienced Rangers fill the role of “Khaki” (shift lead, radio communications moderator, and liaison with the Ranger Lead). Other Ranger duties include:

  • Providing information and serve as a community communications conduit.
  • Prevent vehicles from endangering pedestrians, bicyclists and campsites.
  • Maintain safety perimeters and scene control as needed.
  • Address and report any instances of non-consensual acts.
  • Always have their partner’s back while on shift.