Lamplighters Team


About the Lamplighters Team:

Lamp Lighters are the watchful spirits of our city.  They light the roads so that others may travel more easily.  Being a Lamplighter Team Lead isn’t just a volunteer position, it’s a calling.  To lead this team, you will require lots of dedication and no small amount of patience. 

Lamp Lighters Team Lead Responsibilities:

  • Attend build week to assist with planting lamp posts.
  • Setup up the Lamp Lighters staging area (includes a shade structure, and pre-burn maintenance of the lamps.)
  • Oversee a budget and schedule of volunteers.
  • Assist in lighting the city with your volunteers Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. 
  • Completely break down all Lamplighters equipment, including the cleaning of oil lanterns and removal of lamp posts on property post burn.  (Teardown will assist as needed).