DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles) Team

Hi Friends, just a reminder that MV/Art Car registration is CLOSED. Applications received after 30 Aug 2015 deadline, will not be considered. There will not be on-site registration. If you bring a MV/Art Car that has not been preregistered, you will be asked to park it in the parking lot.

What's the next step, well, DMV is reviewing all applications submitted, if approved, a formal invitation email will be sent. If you are not approved, an email will be sent explaining why.

Please understand, our decisions are based SOLEY on the information submitted by the applicants.

The mission of the Alchemy Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) is to provide a safe, fun and interactive experience for all participants of Alchemy.  


DMV is responsible for:


  • reviewing and improve driving, licensing and mutation guidelines for Mutant Vehicles/Art Cars and vehicles for use by a disabled person
  • renforcing driving policies during Alchemy
  • review all MV/Art Car and vehicle for disabled person(s) applications
  • inspect and license, MV's, Art Cars, vehicles for disabled persons on-site
  • ensure all vehicles that are NOT an approved or licensed MV/Art Car are parked in the designated parking lot


DMV must balance the desire to have vehicles at the event with the community standards of keeping Alchemy a foot- and bike-friendly event, maintaining a level of safety, and adhering to the stipulations of our land use permit.  Because of these limiting factors, not all vehicles that apply can be licensed.   While this is not an easy job, the DMV believes having Mutant Vehicles at Alchemy is an important part of the Alchemy experience and work hard to make it possible.  Simply put, DMV makes it possible to have MV's and Art Cars at Alchemy.


The DMV Team works hard prior to the event reviewing all MV/Art Car applications to ensure they comply with mutation, sound, safety and fire policies set forth in the MV/Art Car Guidelines.  During the event, DMV will inspect and license all MV/Art Cars and vehicles for use by a disabled person, that have been formally invited to the event and ensure all non-licensed vehicles are parked in the designated parking areas.


If you have any questions, please email DMV at


Please read the Alchemy driving policy.


If you would like to apply for a MV license, please read the MV/Art Car Guidelines, then complete the Event Registration Form.


If you are a person with a disability, read this.


To view images of previous MVs/Art Cars at Alchemy, please view


So let's see that Art!


2015 Alchemy DMV Team:

Team Lead: Dawn

Co-Lead:  Logan